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Open Mic Spotlight: Nance Haxton

New York Festivals International Radio Awards Open Mic Spotlight Interview features prominent award-winners from the wonderful world of radio. This week, NYF Radio Awards shines the spotlight on Nance Haxton,  (previously Current Affairs Reporter) for Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Griffith … Continue reading

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Rose Anderson on: Awarding Excellence

What is the purpose of awards? They inspire, they encourage, they reward. They help build careers. They can change your life. They mark achievement. They engage the spotlight and focus attention on pure creativity. They reward courage and intensity. For … Continue reading

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Rose Anderson On: Radio 2018

The 2018 New York Festivals Radio Awards is now open for entries. NYF’s Open Mic spent a few minutes with Rose Anderson, VP & Executive Director of the competition and asked her to share her thoughts about the recent category … Continue reading

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