Grand Jury Confidential: Don Wicklin

New York Festivals® International Radio Program Awards Grand Jury Confidential interviews provide a sneak peek into the brilliant careers of the 2016 award-winning Grand Jury members who select the World’s Best Radio Programs℠.

Don Wicklin, Vice President of Comedy and Entertainment at SiriusXM Radio

This week, NYF caught up with Grand Jury member, Don Wicklin. Don is currently the Vice President of Comedy and Entertainment at SiriusXM Radio and has been in radio for 33 years making stops in Baltimore, Washington DC and New York. He oversees all of the comedy programming on SiriusXM as well as manages the talent including Gregg “Opie” Hughes, (of the former Opie and Anthony Show), comedian Jim Norton, talk show host/comedian Ron Bennington and talk show host/actor/comedian, Jay Thomas.

In the interview below, Don shares his views on all things radio, including early influences in his career, the most important thing he learned from his job, his evolution in the radio industry and more.

New York Festivals: Who or what were your early influences in your career?

Johnny Dark

Don Wicklin: Local radio stations in Baltimore and Washington DC. Hosts like Johnny Dark made radio seem like the perfect job to have. Fun and compelling career…

New York Festivals: What’s the most important thing you learned from your first job?

Don Wicklin: To be the best at your job.  Put in the extra time to learn the most from the best. You only get better by learning more about the industry and how your competition pushes you more to be better at your job.

New York Festivals: What were some early leadership lessons for you?

Don Wicklin: Be a good listener. Be good to your employees as they will only make you stronger and make a better product.

New York Festivals: Tell us a bit about your evolution in the radio industry?

Gregg, "Opie" Hughes and Jim Norton

Don Wicklin: I started as an intern in 1983 at a radio station in Baltimore and then PT promotions.  Was addicted to radio soon after. Producing morning shows for 17 years in Baltimore and Washington DC and then landing the ultimate job in “radio heaven” at XM Satellite Radio. The 13 years following took me through kickstarting the Traffic and Weather channels, PD of Opie and Anthony and Operations Director for Talk Programming in Washington. Today, I’m now VP of Comedy and Entertainment overseeing the 6 comedy channels for SiriusXM including supervising Opie Radio, Bennington and The Jay Thomas Show.

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