Grand Jury Confidential: Naomi Selvaratnam

NYF’s Grand Jury Confidential profiles New York Festivals International Radio Program Awards award-winning Grand Jury members. Each interview provides a glimpse into the brilliant careers of prominent award-winning radio executives from around the globe who are recruited to select the World’s Best Radio Programs℠. These dedicated jury members are commited to their craft and are an inspiration to us all

Naomi Selvaratnam, Journalist, SBS Australia

This week, NYF spent a few minutes with 2016 Grand Jury member, Naomi Selvaratnam, Journalist, SBS Australia. Naomi is an international award-winning producer and journalist. During her career, she has reported on a wide variety of issues including domestic violence, human rights issues and international law.

In 2015, Naomi’s feature on the blackmail of rape victims saw her win the Gold Trophy for “Blackmailed” Best Human Interest Story at the New York Festival’s International Television and Radio Awards.


Naomi Selvaratnam, 2015 NYF Gold award-winner for "Blackmailed"

Keep reading to learn more about Naomi as she shares her early career influences, the most important thing she learned on her first job, and the hallmarks of an award-winning radio program.

NYF: Who or what were your early influences in your career?

Naomi Selvaratnam: My main mentor throughout my career has been my first manager, Lindsey Arkley. He has guided and provided me with advice through every story I have done. I wouldn’t be where I am doing what I do without him.

NYF: What’s the most important thing you learned from your first job?

Naomi Selvaratnam: The value of always being on time. There’s nothing worse than being late to an interview.

NYF: What are the hallmarks of award-winning radio programs?

Naomi Selvaratnam: Strong interviews, interesting talent and a unique story.

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