Grand Jury Confidential: Diego Cannizzaro

New York Festivals International Radio Program Awards award-winning Grand Jury is made up of over 100 directors, producers, journalists, writers, actors, creative directors, composers, on air talent, and programming executives from around the globe. These talented executives are actively involved in what is being created in the radio industry today. Each week, NYF profiles one of the prominent award-winning radio executives from around the globe who are recruited to select the World’s Best Radio Programs℠.

This week, NYF spent a few minutes with Diego Cannizzaro, owner and director of “DMC Studio” in Buenos Aires, Argentina and asked him to weigh in on his award-winning radio career. Diego’s company specializes in radio arts, script writing, ads, directing, field recording, sound design for media, post-production and audio mixing for radio, TV and Films.

Diego Cannizzaro, owner and director of DMC Studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2016 New York Festivals Radio Award Grand Jury member, Diego Cannizzaro is a Script Writer, Sound Designer, Music Composer and an independent Radio Producer. Since 1995 he worked in the best front line radio stations, as well as an independent producer, creating an unmistakable style through sounds, between all productions in the media. Keep reading to find out more about Diego including his evolution in the radio business, the defining moment in his career, how his company culture nurtures creativity and more.

New York Festival: Who or what were your early influences in your career?

Diego Cannizzaro: My first influence comes from my mother when I was child, around 10 years old. She was also an independent producer in the late 80’s for a rock station in Buenos Aires called Rock & Pop, which was the only Rock Radio in the city at that time. Every day after school I used to go to the radio station  by bus listening to rock music on my Walkman. Every single day I went to the radio station and was fascinated with vinyl records, artists, sound designers and musicians …it was just wonderful.

New York Festivals: What’s the most important thing you learned from your first job?

Diego Cannizzaro: My first job in a radio was as a sound engineer. I was the one who put the radio show on the air, working with sounds, music, vinyls, sound fx, microphones, all from the other side of the glass. I love that time,everything was new for me. I was doing a great job recounting histories alive with sounds on the air. I think this was what made me realize that I also wanted to become a scriptwriter. So the most important thing that I learned was to project myself beyond just sounds and to learn to write my own histories and to edit and produce them and put them on the air.

New York Festivals: What qualities are the most important to have?

Diego Cannizzaro: In my case I believe focus and perseverance were necessary to turn my dreams into reality. But starting to believe in myself was probably the most important thing to achieve and not giving up no matter what the obstacles may be as well as losing fear, being methodical and doing what my heart says to me. And no matter how proud you may feel with yourself keep on being humble.

New York Festivals: Tell us a bit about your evolution in the radio industry?

Diego Cannizzaro: I have been close to the radio since I was 10 years old. As I have already mentioned my mother was an independent producer too. The music influence in my family was strong my grandfather having been a famous tango singer in the eighties. When I was 12 years old, I started to play drums and bass guitar and also studied music with my guitar.

From the moment I visited a radio station for the first time, I realized there was nothing in life I wanted to do most than sound related work. I first worked for two years in several radio stations doing temporary replacements.  I then started to write my own short stories and I realized that I wanted to become a script writer too,  so I started to write and record and edit these just for my own pleasure, like a training. Then I stopped working as an engineer on the air, and became an editor/sound designer and as such I have worked for the most important radio stations in Buenos Aires.

Diego Cannizzaro, 2015 New York Festivals Award Winner

At the same time I started to create my own studio doing a bit of writing and sound design as an independent producer-free lancer for different radio stations. Soon after that I had to quit as a employee, because the demand as an independent producer was so big that I had to make a decision, which was to move forward and try to create my own space in the media.

Over the years I have developed an unmistakable style through sounds and finally my own company has won a space among all the producers in the market. After 12 years I finally own “DMC Studio” my company in Buenos Aires, Argentina that specializes in radio arts, script writing, ads, directing, field recording, sound design for media, post-production and audio mixing for radio,TV and Films.

New York Festivals: What was a defining moment in your career?

Diego Cannizzaro I think that the moment was when I made a decision between two options: to continue to work for one of the front line radio stations in Buenos Aires or to dedicate all my knowledge, experience, ideas and dreams to become an independent producer and create my own studio.

I firmly believe that this is what defined my future as from one day to another I had lost the economic backing of a huge radio station. I was very young, I was afraid, but I would pull myself together and day after day I tried to improve my way to do my work seeking to create my own style.

New York Festivals: Will you share how the culture of your company encourages creativity?

Diego Cannizzaro:  For us, creativity is like an engine. It is actually our engine. Creativity is the basis of our existence. As an audiovisual company we need our creation to be tangible, to be seen, heard and felt by all and as a result of this become known for it. It means that in every letter from a script, in each sound, in every single chord of a song, in each note from a melody, in every single pixel from an image, we try to be right there. Creation is the key…only creating do we exist therefore we must create every single day!

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