2012 NYF Radio Awards – Opens January 18th, 2012

2011 Awards

For 54 years the New York Festivals® Radio Program and Promotion Awards has recognized the World’s Best Radio Programs™

Each year we receive entries from radio stations, networks and independent producers from over 30 countries. International radio experts from stations and companies donate their time to the judging process. The GrandJury® is comprised of top level industry professionals from 5 continents and over 25 countries.

We are delighted to present a new trophy for the winners. It is designed to resemble a 1920s art deco radio microphone and undoubtedly will be coveted by everyone. If we’re allowed to say so ourselves, it’s truly a beautiful work of art! This year’s winners, as well as prior year’s winners, can purchase an additional radio microphone trophy using personalized credits.

View 2011 Winners

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