NYF Open Mic: Radio on Radio with Maddy Fryer

NYF’s Radio on Radio interview series features New York Festivals International Radio Program Awards Grand Jury’s insights and observations on the transformation taking place in the radio industry today. Each week NYF spends a few minutes with our esteemed Grand Jury  members discussing such topics as the myriad of changes taking place within the radio industry, the importance of free speech, their thoughts on creating their dream show and where imagination comes into play.

Maddy Fryer, Executive Producer, PopAsia, SBS Australia

NYF’s  international Grand Jury of award-winning directors, producers, journalists, writers, actors, creative directors, composers, on-air talent, and programming executives are actively involved in creating the innovative radio programs heard on radio today. Who better to share their insider information on the wonderful world of radio than this respected group of prominent industry thought leaders?

This week NYF’s Radio on Radio will explore the evolution taking place in the world of radio with 2017 Grand Jury member, Maddy Fryer, Executive Producer for PopAsia, SBS Australia. Maddy is a 10 year veteran of SBS Australia and SBS Radio is a bridge linking to the 4+ million Australians who speak a language other than English. Since 2010, Maddy has been the Executive Producer of SBS’s PopAsia, a digital radio station for young multicultural Australians.

Prior to working with SBS PopAsia, Maddy led the team from the program Alchemy SBS Radio’s national music, arts and talk program. Alchemy offers a subversive spin on traditional sounds and stories. In 2008, Alchemy earned 2 awards: the prestigious Silver New York Festivals Award and the NYF Silver United Nations Department of Public Information Award for their program the Stolen Generation in Australia.

In the interview below, Maddy shares her views on the effects of podcasts on radio landscape, the importance of freedom of the press, why  imagination is radio’s greatest asset.

New York Festivals: How will radio transform in the coming years? What is the biggest shift you’ve noticed this past year?

Maddy Fryer: The strength and continued growth of podcasts has firmly put talks back on the radio map. Shows available as podcasts or vice versa has loosened the tie of broadcasting and created new ideas around content making. See this trend continuing to transform how we broadcast.

New York Festivals: Is there a revolution going on today in radio content?

Maddy Fryer: Yes – so many people now rely on podcasts to get them thru a commute or as an escape from the world. The advent of ‘my time’ associated with listening to podcasts is definitely revolutionary.

New York Festivals: What would be your dream show to create, budget no object?

Maddy Fryer:  If I told you….!

New York Festivals: Will you talk about the importance of freedom of press?

Maddy Fryer:  Our world has changed dramatically with the continued growth of social media  – it feels like almost overnight that truth has somehow become compromised. The concept of a free press and trust in the media needs to be re-established – the connection has been lost. Finding a cut thru in the understanding of a free press is the only way a harmonious world can exist.

New York Festivals: Audio landscapes, theater of the mind, how does imagination come into play?

Maddy Fryer: Imagination is radio’s greatest asset. It’s the one thing that keeps such a strong connection with the audience. Imagination thru radio takes you to places you’ve never been before. To me that has always been the game changer and why radio is still growing strong.

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