NYF’s Open Mic: Radio on Radio with Götz Naleppa

Radio on Radio features insights and observations on the wonderful world of Radio by New York Festivals International Radio Program Awards Grand Jury members. NYF’s Grand Jury is comprised of award-winning directors, producers, journalists, writers, actors, creative directors, composers, on-air talent, and programming executives who are actively involved in creating the innovative radio programs heard on radio today. Who better to share their insider information on the wonderful world of radio than this respected group of prominent industry thought leaders?

Götz Naleppa, producer — sound artist

This week NYF’s Radio on Radio will explore the evolution taking place in the world of radio with 2017 Grand Jury member, Götz Naleppa, Drama Director & Sound Artist, Naleppa Audio Productions, Germany.

Götz Naleppa began his career as assistant director, working at the Schiller Theater in Berlin for 5 years during the directorship of Boleslaw Barlog. He has been a director and dramaturge in the radio drama department of RIAS active -Berlin. In the 1970s, he was instrumental in the development of the original radio drama and the art head radio play, working with George Tabori increasingly on actor-oriented directing. In the 80s, he turned his creative focus to musical and experimental radio play forms, and the radio art and sound composition.

In the 90′s he constructed  the radio play departments of Germany Radio (Cologne / Berlin) as a radio play director, and from  1997 to 2008 Mr. Naleppa acted as director and dramaturg for Germany Kultur (responsible editor for sound art). Since 2009, he has concentrated his talents on projects serving as a  freelance director (radio drama, media arts), translator and composer in digital sound art. Throughout his illustrious career, Mr. Naleppa has garnered numerous awards for radio drama productions  and multiple radio play of the month with international competitions including: Prix Europa, Prix Marulic, New York Festivals Gold Award, and Prix Italia.

In the interview below, Mr. Naleppa shares his thoughts on the evolution of radio, the importance of freedom of the press, his vision for his dream project and more.

New York Festivals: How will radio transform in the coming years? What is the biggest shift you’ve noticed this past year?

Götz Naleppa: The actual tendency of time-shifted and mobile use of radio (mobile-phones, Internet, computers) will continue and accelerate. The radio stations who do not react to that tendency will be left behind. But I am not only happy about this all-time-availability of radio. It is to be paid by a deterioration of sound quality (mp3, compression) in art forms like radio play and sound art – and radio is in danger of losing its “secret,” its charm.

New York Festivals: Is there a revolution going on today in radio content?

Götz Naleppa: Let’s not exaggerate: every new product nowadays is announced as a “revolution” in the industry. No, there is as much innovation in its content as this innovative medium showed in its whole history. Job as usual. But a GOOD job!

New York Festivals: What would be your dream show to create, budget no object?

Götz Naleppa: I would call my dream-show “Sound Artists United.” It would be a (at least!) 24-hours-show, where hundreds of the wonderful and creative sound-artists all over the world would find a space to present their crazy works. From all continents – in the only really international language that exists: SOUND!

New York Festivals: Will you talk about the importance of freedom of press?

Götz Naleppa: Without freedom of press there is no free society. We were used to think that this fundament of freedom and democracy is in-existent or endangered in ideological states like communist or other authoritarian states. But in these days we observe a tendency against freedom of press even in the watch-tower of democracy, in the United States of America, unimaginable before. If truth is no longer a value, democracy and human rights are lost.

New York Festivals: Audio landscapes, theater of the mind, how does imagination come into play?

Götz Naleppa: Who works with radio, works with sound. And sound is magic. It touches our deepest regions, much more than vision. But magicians never tell HOW!

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