NYF Open Mic: Radio on Radio with John MacCalman

Radio on Radio features insights and observations on the wonderful world of Radio by New York Festivals International Radio Program Awards Grand Jury members. NYF’s Grand Jury is comprised of award-winning directors, producers, journalists, writers, actors, creative directors, composers, on-air talent, and programming executives who are actively involved in creating the innovative radio programs heard on radio today. Who better to share their insider information on the wonderful world of radio than this respected group of prominent industry thought leaders?

John MacCalman, Journalist, Broadcast Producer, Web Editor for Radio Clyde

This week NYF’s Radio on Radio will explore the evolution taking place in the world of radio with 2017 Grand Jury member, John MacCalman, Travel and Aviation Journalist, Broadcast Producer and Web Editor.

John MacCalman is one of the original employees at Radio Clyde joining the station in November 1973. For over three decades, he was at the helm as Production Controller at Radio Clyde. Through the 80s and 90s, while John was on board, the station won Sony Station of the year 3 times and was nominated twice. He was the producer on two Sony winning shows for Best Rock and Pop Programme – Hue and Cry (1989) and The Big Day C1 (1991). In 2000, John applied his talents to work on 3C – Continuous Cool Country – SRH’s award winning contribution to the DAB output that provided a 24 country music service that no other UK broadcaster could match. In June of 2006, John was appointed Web Editor for Radio Clyde, increasing unique visitors, page impressions and VIP memberships by ensuring that the Radio Clyde’s website was as dynamic as the station. “If it happened on the air, it would be on the web, said John.”  Since 2001, John has contributed a regular Aviation column called “On the Fly” to the weekly Scottish Travel Agent’s News (STAN) and on a weekly basis to the Campbell Express in Campbell, California.

In the interview below John discusses how the internet and social media are advancing radio creativity, what dream show he’d love to create,his favorite all time radio drama and more.

New York Festivals: How will radio transform in the coming years? What is the biggest shift you’ve noticed this past year?

John MacCalman: The internet and social media are the driving forces in radio creativity in the years ahead.  Social media has become the fastest distribution of “news”

The most serious problem to be addressed is the accuracy of that “news”.  In the past year that revolution has exploded. Radio that empowers its audience to interact with the station is the future.

New York Festivals: Is there a revolution going on today in radio content?

John MacCalman: Through social media and the internet a station which creates original, stimulating, inspiring, entertaining content can reach a world audience no matter how small the station.

New York Festivals: What would be your dream show to create, budget no object?

John MacCalman: Radio’s ability to create mind pictures is probably its most valuable asset. My dream show would probably be a quality drama whereby through voice and sound effects you can create what would cost millions on TV. Money would be spent on using the best talent.

New York Festivals: Will you talk about the importance of freedom of press?

John MacCalman: While press freedom is fundamental in the free world, that freedom should be used to abuse.

New York Festivals: Audio landscapes, theater of the mind, how does imagination come into play?

John MacCalman: My all time favourite drama was War of the Worlds. That says it all!




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