NYF Open Mic: Spotlight on Radio Educación’s Youth Radio Programming

New York Festivals celebrated the World’s Best Radio Programs℠ from around the globe at their annual awards gala in New York City on June 19th. NYF spent a few minutes with Lourdes Müggenburg – Producer and Max Müggenburg – Youth Commentator from Radio Educación Mexico.

Radio Educación’s Lourdes Müggenburg (Lulu) and Max Müggenburg took home the 2017 Silver Trophy for “We have homework” Sharing our Posada Festivity with our Radio-Listeners for Best Children/Young Adult Program.

Max and Lulu Müggenburg Radio Educación, Mexico

“We have homework!” was developed  because in Mexico there are more than 15 million children between the ages of 8 to 17  and there was not a show dedicated to children and teenagers where they could express their doubts, annoyances, emotions together with  listeners. The show preserves national traditions  and promotes feedback between the youth-presenters and listeners. “We have homework!” is moderated by a professional psychologist who encourages children to participate, while respecting the opinions  of others with tolerance and acceptance.

In the interview below, Lulu shares her insights on how and why Radio Educación’s  “We have homework!” program was created, her thoughts on why the show is so successful, the contribution the youth commentators add to the show, and much more.

New York Festivals: Why did Radio Educación create the program “We have homework!” and how long has this program been on the air?

Lulu Müggenburg: Radio Educación originally planned the show to guide parents to be able to support children with their  school homework. It was only after six months that we realized that our task was way beyond school homework, so we included a wide array of social themes. We also we decided to add children as commentators of the show.

New York Festivals: How did the producer (Lulu) cast the youth commentators?  How many youth commentators are on the team?

Lulu Müggenburg: It really seems it was a natural way that we choose our cast of commentators. I remember we had a contest on the show to find the best diaries submitted by the audience about their holidays. The six winners visited and they have been with us there on. We have 6 commentators today.

New York Festivals: Why is Youth Radio important and what do you think makes this show so successful?

Lulu Müggenburg: The Radio is magical. It reaches way beyond where I could have ever imagined. It allows people to develop their creativity and moves cords in every soul hearing behind the receptor.

New York Festivals: How often does the show run and how do you come up with the creative ideas for each show?

Lulu Müggenburg: “We have homework” is a weekly show. It has a different topic every week. It is an absolute joy to be able to create and produce a program all together. It much more a fun task than a job.

New York Festivals: How do you prep for your program?

Lulu Müggenburg: As a team, we brainstorm ideas for the show and come up with an agreement of our weekly topic and decide on a topic based on suggestions. We have an impressive amount of interesting people sending recommendations to us about  what to talk about on our radio show.

New York Festivals: What are the future goals for the show “We have homework!” and how do you plan to achieve those goals?

Lulu Müggenburg: We always have challenges, but it is amazing how there are always surprises on every show. The least expected aspect seems to be a bundle of joy for the audience and so on. It is with great happiness that I am able to produce such a gratifying radio show.

New York Festivals: How does it feel to earn the 2017 NYF Radio Awards Silver Trophy and what does it mean to your team and the radio station?

Lulu Müggenburg: The show “We have homework” and all its team is profoundly proud the NYF Radio Awards has acknowledged our effort, work, and dedication once more. Radio Educación also feels honored with this third award.

New York Festivals: In 2014, “If I were to be president, I would…!” earned the NYF Gold Trophy for Best Children/Young Adult Program; to what do you attribute your history of success?

Lulu Müggenburg: When we won the First Place for the program “If I were to be president…” it was as a result of  the in-depth preparation of each of the member individually and all of the team as a group…. the children commentators have applied to our show what they learned then: they are really focused on democratic aspects such as tolerance, freedom, choices….

For more information on New York Festivals Radio Program Awards, please visit: http://www.newyorkfestivals.com/radio/


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