NYF Radio Awards Celebrates “World’s Best Radio Programs”

New York Festival Radio Program & Promotion Awards honors winners from around the globe and  celebrates the  “World’s Best Radio Programs®”.  Here’s a few comments from our  2011 Grand Jury about last year’s award winning entries: Radio use at its best. Top quality drama.  Enthralling listening, top class throughout.   Brilliant!   Completely gripping. Some of the best reporting and editing I’ve heard in a long time.  Real journalism, taking the listener right in to the heart of the event.  World class.  Outstanding.  Bravo!

Here’s just one example of the brilliant work NYF receives each year.  In 2011, RTE Radio, Ireland earned the coveted Grand Trophy  for “Documentary on One – Don’t Go Far,” in the Profiles/Community Portraits category.  The winning program tells the odyssey of two young Dublin boys whose wanderlust finds them stowing away on board a Air India flight at London’s Heathrow bound for New York’s JFK International Airport.

Here is the link to the Grand Trophy winning entry  by RTE Radio, Ireland: http://www.newyorkfestivals.com/worldsbestradio/pieces.php?iid=425782&pid=1


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