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This week, New York Festivals asked  Rose Anderson, New York Festivals’ VP & Executive Director of the International Radio Awards to share her perspective on NYF’s Radio Awards and the ROI for entering the World’s Best Radio Programs competition.


On a daily basis, Rose has her finger on the pulse of the international radio industry, from one-on-one think tank sessions with her advisory board to conferring  with Grand Jury members from the international media communities, to guest speaking at global forums, Rose is immersed in all things radio. Her respect for today’s radio content and her interest in world-wide creative trends ensure that NYF’s Radio Award categories offer the opportunity for terrific work to be showcased  and recognized around the globe. With New York Festivals Grand Jury, Rose has put into place a world-class panel who are award-winners themselves and determined to honor excellence and recognize creative entries that are  innovative in all areas of production, storytelling and performance.

In the interview below, Rose discusses the importance of earning NYF’s Grand Trophy, the ROI for entering the Radio Awards, how technology has changed the radio entries,  and more.

New York Festivals: What is the ROI for entering the Radio Awards and why should someone consider entering?

Max and Lulu Muggenburg Radio Educacion Mexico

Rose Anderson: It’s not for the glittering prizes – although our trophy is stunning. It’s not even for the international press coverage we give our winners or the cachet of being around for over thirty years. But when you stand at the podium at the awards gala, surrounded by your peers who know that radio is the universal language – well, if that isn’t return on investment, I don’t know what is.

New York Festivals: Talk about the importance of the Grand Trophy Award and the qualities those programs earning this award possess.

Rose Anderson: Grands are the Best in Show, it’s a simple as that – the highest scoring entries in a very competitive field.

Those programs have stood out in two rounds of judging – preliminary and medal rounds. They are often compelling in subject matter, ambitious in scope, and off the charts in degree of difficulty. In short, they flat out amaze.

Sophie Black, The Wheeler Centre Australia; Michael Green, Behind the Wire Australia; and Jon Tjhia, The Wheeler Centre Australia

New York Festivals: How has technology changed radio entries and what is its impact on content?

Rose Anderson: The tools available today – in sound design, in layering, in transmission – have meant that today’s entries are made on a level of complexity that wasn’t possible in years past. What we have done in our judging platform, which is password protected by the way, is to upgrade the player so jury members all over the world hear programs at that quality – and they can enter that aural landscape easily.

Rose Anderson in Mexico City at the 10th Bienal Internacional de Radio

New York Festivals: What three characteristics would you say make for a successful Radio Award entry?

Rose Anderson: Storytelling. Passion. Innovation. After all, it is the theater of the mind.

Stay Tuned New York Festivals International Radio Award Opens for Entries on January 10th! For more information on NYF’s Radio Awards, please visit:


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