Open Mic: Radio Roundtable on “Dream Projects”

New York Festivals International Radio Awards celebrates the World’s Best Radio Programs from around the globe. The competition honors both radio programs and promotions in all lengths and formats from radio stations, networks and independent producers from 6 continents.

This week, Open Mic’s Radio Roundtable asked six of 2017’s most creative and award-winning radio industry executives who have been recognized for their break-through programs to share their thoughts on what project would be their dream to create.

NYF posed the question:“What is your personal dream project that you’d like to create?”

Phil Critchlow, CEO and Founding Director of TBI Media, UK.


Phil Critchlow: There’s always another dream project, and we have several more in the early stages of production as we speak. For me personally, they will almost always involve what I believe to be great stories, told on large stages by great presenters and actors, complimented by the best music.

Iarla Ó Lionáird, presenter of RTÉ lyric fm’s award-winning program “Vocal Chords” and lead singer for The Gloaming, the contemporary Irish music super group.


Iarla Ó Lionáird: Well I’m hoping to record an album next year thereafter of traditional science, ancient melodies and words from the Irish traditional music Canon with orchestra. And although I have worked with forces of that size before I have never had the opportunity to commit it to recording for posterity as it were. And this project involves have a dozen or more international composers who have studied these melodies and have provided beautiful highly individual accompaniments. I think, and I hope that it will give these old songs and new life.

Liliana Manna, journalist for Radio Rivadavia Argentina.

(Left to Right) Liliana Mana and Rosario Lufrano

Liliana Manna: My personal dream is always focused on the next Special Production project.I am passionate about documentaries (on radio and on TV). I think it is important to exercise Memory and not repeat stories.

A dream that I have: interview a serial killer. There are many who still live and they continue to serve their sentence of life imprisonment.

Dick Golden, Host and Producer of “American Jazz: Tribute to Genius” (University of Maryland University College (UMUC) & George Washington University).


Dick Golden: If I had Warren Buffet or Bill Gates wealth, I would assemble a team to create a radio version of what Turner Classic Movies is to film…A broadcasting platform that presented this body of American music in the most engaging and intelligent style. Knowledgeable and passionate hosts…Wonderful feature and interview to educate and inform listeners … Wonderful features and interview to educate and inform listeners…creative programs that would encourage interaction with audience. The listeners I’ve heard from over the years are so involved in listening to this music and so inspiring in their reaction to what they hear.

Mark Travis, Associate Director of Media, Production for New York Philharmonic.


Mark Travis: I have a series in the works that explores the contributions of African-American singers to the world of art-song and opera. It will profile not only trailblazers like Marian Anderson, George Shirley, and William Warfield, but also singers of the current generation like Eric Owens and Morris Robinson…plus many voices and personalities in between. I’m still searching for the right host, but I’m very excited to share some of the stories, interviews, and recordings I’ve collected. I’ve also always wanted to produce a program or series comparing and contrasting the development of heavy metal music to classical music. Oh and if Disney, ever decided to do radio adaptations of the Star Wars films again, I’d be first in line to offer my services.

Ljudevit Grgurić award-winning journalist and HRT Croatian Radiotelevision talk show host.


Ljudevit Grguric: Of course, I believe that everyone has their own professional dream, and I am no different. But I’m afraid to reveal it to you, because, in my country, we believe that dreams don’t come true if you reveal them.

But if we see each other in New York next year, then the doors to that dream will be open… Oh no, I’ve said too much…

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