The “World Cup” of Radio: Inside View of the 2014 NYF Radio Program Awards

Rose Anderson, Executive Director of the New York Festivals Radio Awards referred to this year’s competition as The “World Cup” of Radio.  We met with Rose after the show and asked her for her inside view on the 2014 New York Festivals Radio Program awards Gala.

Rose Anderson, Executive Director, New York Festivals International Radio Program Awards

Here’s what she had to say:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Germany, India, Iran, Ireland, Mexico,  New Zealand, South Korea, Sweden, UK, and USA all had representatives  at the 2014 Radio gala.

From Sound Art to Coverage of Breaking News, trophy winners spoke of the universal language of radio; of the wide scope of engagement; and of the promising future of the radio industry.

What trophy winner’s wouldn’t want to hear what the esteemed NYF Radio Grand Jury had to say about this year’s spectacular entries.

Ms. Anderson had this to say, “2014 winning programs not only engaged their audiences’ curiosity with intensity but their overall level of quality prompted comments like these from GrandJury® members.”

GrandJury rave reviews include:

This one is a WOW! Live sound is more than a craft, it’s almost a black art – and this entry demonstrates that some practitioners are much more adept than others.  Brilliant.

His voice is Liquid Velvet if there is such a thing.  Nothing else to my knowledge sounds like this. Bravo. Gold, no question.  A delight.

Ambitious in scope, flawless in delivery. An editing tour de force. Compelling from the opening moment.

A breathtaking audio experience – top flight! Ground breaking, memorable, unique sonically. Intriguing, original, beautiful, captivating and so well produced. this is how to do it.

I wish more radio dared to be like this. Simply outstanding in every way – Like a Bruckner symphony, anyone willing to listen will be rewarded. These people are pros and they brought their A game.

Fantastic. This is when radio becomes the living room of the mind.  I wasn’t in the audience, but am giving it a standing ovation! Broadcast magic at its best.

Superb journalism  – bringing big international stories to life with detail and a personal perspective that makes it real. One of the finest documentaries I have ever heard.

A harrowing and hard hitting news story told with sensitivity. A real demonstration of public service broadcasting at its best.

What a treat to find this! Absolutely inspired and crazy idea – wish it would have been mine! Whatever these guys have taken, it can’t be legal.

It is being able to hear programs like this that make the task of assessing entries to the New York Festivals so enjoyable.

That was just a sample – and that doesn’t include the tens too many to mention!

Check out the 2014 Radio Awards Showcase and you’ll see why the jury was raving about this year’s stellar entries! To listen to the award-winning work click HERE.

To view the 2014 New York Festivals International Radio Program Awards GrandJury:,7,9

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