Open Mic Spotlight: Astha Mandiratta

NYF’s Open Mic Spotlight spends a few minutes each week with prominent Grand Jury members who judge creative entries from around the globe, each Spotlight interview shares the insights of content creators from the wonderful world of radio.

New York Festivals International Radio Awards jury of award-winning directors, producers, journalists, writers, actors, creative directors, composers, on-air talent, and programming executives are actively involved in creating the innovative content on radio today, their efforts have resulted in the 2018 NYF Radio Awards Finalists.

Astha Mandiratta

Grand Jury member, Astha Mandiratta is National Head – Client Solutions for ETV News Network, the largest regional news network of India with 13 regional channels, covering 23 states, and are part of country’s biggest network, Network 18. She is responsible for designing campaigns and events for big clients and branding awareness for the network pan India.

With almost 12 years in media, Astha has served 8 years  working in television anchoring various celebrity talk shows in ETV & Star news and  4 years in radio with 94.3 MY FM – Dainik Bhaskar Group.  She was responsible for programming for Rajasthan and her focus had always been working towards gender sensitivity and her work on various campaigns including BOL & save girl child were recognised on both a local and national level.

New York Festivals: How did you get your start in the radio industry?

Astha Mandiratta: Joining radio was as sudden and unplanned as it could be, I was working with a TV channel as programming head & anchor and being an ardent fan of music; radio was always on my tab. Through my little knowledge about this medium, all I knew was there is one RJ who plays music of his choice and we listen to it,until I actually stepped into this magical medium as the programming head of 94.3 MY FM Jaipur station.

After working for almost 7 years in electronic media, I remember I got a call from their regional head and he asked will you work in radio and I replied that I am an anchor and not an RJ, and that I know nothing about radio. He simply said come and see me in my office. For the first time when I stepped in the office I was surprised to see the number of people working there, full of energy & zeal. I knew this is it. I was thrilled to see how radio callers express their love for their favorite RJ’s and was amazed to see the amount of hard work a team puts in to get a show on air, as being from news channel background, I always thought that radio does not require tenaciousness but as they say Entertainment is a staid business!!!

New York Festivals: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Astha Mandiratta: My Golden rule has always been that be as ravenous as you can when it comes for feedback. Feedback is the starter, main course and dessert of high performance and thus I have always taken advice & feedback from people around and it helps thus I can’t say any one piece but would like to mention a few here.

Fore mostly, live your job as it’s the most beautiful thing when your passion and job comes together.

Secondly Prep, prep and prep . Do as much preparation and research on content as much as you can before putting anything on air & be as simple as you can every time you design any content, do not complex simple things for listeners/viewers.

Lastly differentiate or die, the phrase itself says all.

New York Festivals: What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in the industry?

Astha Mandiratta: Being one of the most entertaining source for city, radio has now become the solution provider to its clients as well. It has always been  the first choice of music lovers but with the kind of popularity the medium has gained , it has now become an important platform of advertising as well and the kind of response it offers to advertisers; it has become all the more important. This has made some real big investors to enter in this market and thus, expanding it further with more cash flow.

New York Festivals: What three words describe you as a content creator?

Astha Mandiratta: ASTHA, MAD, PASSIONATE.

New York Festivals: What is the responsibility of journalists in today’s world?

Astha Mandiratta: It is too big a question to answer, with current scenario journalist’s play a very crucial role, as viewers analyze news through the journalists’ eye. It is important that unbiased news with complete transparency is offered to listeners/viewers. Also as journalists, it’s our responsibility to not to run after “Breakings” but be a little more sensitive and rational towards issues pertaining to society.

New York Festivals: What is your favorite program that you created and why?

Astha Mandiratta: Though all my programs are my favorite as every program has best of my efforts and I really can’t differentiate but still shows on women empowerment are really close to my heart as from the country where I come from, this is a crucial issue. I feel content to the core whenever I make such a show which fights for women rights & child abuse , even if 0.1% of listeners change their opinion it will really make difference to the society and my country as whole and thus my purpose of content creator is solved.

For more information on the 2018 New York Festivals Radio Program Awards or to view the 2018 Finalists please visit HERE.  For information or tickets for the 2018 Radio Awards gala taking place on June 18th in New York City, please visit HERE.

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