Powerhouse Radio Executives Present 2018 Radio Awards


New York Festivals International Radio Awards award-winning Grand Jury jury members have selected the 2018 New York Festivals Radio Award winners. Content creators from around the globe will receive trophies for innovative programming at the annual Radio Awards ceremony on June 18th in New York City.

From trophy-winning digital content, podcasts and audio books, live events, dramas and documentaries, breaking news coverage, multi-genre music specials, sound art, and promos from around the globe, the 2018 Radio Awards celebrates the World’s Best Radio Programs.

This year, powerhouse award-winning industry executives will join Radio Awards VP/Executive Director Rose Anderson as they present award segments at the 2018 Radio Awards gala and honor the winning entrants with the stunning Art Deco inspired New York Festivals Trophy.

2018 Presenters include:

  • Mark Travis – New York Philharmonic
  • Jennie Cataldo – BMP Audio
  • Peter Shevlin  – BlokMedia
  • Michelle Parise & Ify Chiwetelu – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Mindy Thomas – Tinkerkast & SiriusXM
  • Jim Bilodeau – SiriusXM
  • Tim Desmond & Thomas Black – RTE
  • Josh Fouts – Bioneers
  • Albert Leung – Campus/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Stay tuned to find out who earns the Gold, Silver and Bronze, along with the Grand Award, Broadcaster of the Year, UNDPI Awards and more. And don’t forget to visit the New York Festivals Radio Awards website tomorrow to view the winner’s showcase: http://www.newyorkfestivals.com/radio/

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