NYF Goes South of The Border; Rose Anderson Presents at Bienal International de Radio in Mexico City

Rose Anderson, New York Festivals International Radio Program Awards Executive Director shared her broadcast industry expertise at the 10th Annual Bienal International de Radio in Mexico City. Ms Anderson, a prominent international member of the Bienal’s speaker’s roster, presented a showcase of the World’s Best Radio Programs along with a  compelling dialogue on the universal language of radio and the importance of awards.

Rose Anderson, Executive Director, NYF Radio Program Awards

Ms. Anderson commented, “In our ever-changing world, radio is the original social media. There is a universal language of radio which connects us all – giving us the ability to meet directly in each others imagination and guided by the textures of sound to understand each other.”

Rose Anderson, center discussing the World's Best Radio Programs“What is the purpose of awards?” asked Ms. Anderson. “They inspire, they encourage, they reward.  They help build careers. They can change your life.  They mark achievement. They engage the spotlight and focus attention on pure creativity. They reward courage and intensity.”

Ms. Anderson wrapped up her presentation and showcase of the World’s Best Radio Programs and engaged the panel in discussion, followed by audience Q&A.

The 10th Annual Bienal of International Radio, was held October 6-10th in Mexico City at The National Arts Centre (Cenart or CNA), one of the most important artistic centers of Mexico. Throughout its 19 years, the Bienal has brought together scholars and radio artists from around the world as well as students, professionals and academics to exchange experiences, analysis and training in the contemporary media culture: radio.

This 2014 Bienal focused on Radio in culture, reflecting on the present and future of the media from the perspective of humanistic and social disciplines. The Bienal featured four days of lectures, roundtable discussions and workshops celebrating all things radio.



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