Open Mic Grand Jury Spotlight: Liliana Manna

New York Festivals Grand Jury are some of the best and brightest in the radio industry and the brilliant creative minds who judge the 2019 NYF Radio Awards. These award-winning directors, producers, journalists, writers, actors, creative directors, composers, on-air talent, and programming executives are all actively involved in creating today’s innovative radio content.

Open Mic Spotlight spends a few minutes each week with NYF’s respected Grand Jury members and each NYF Spotlight interview shares the insights of these esteemed content creators from the wonderful world of radio.

Liliana Manna

This week we shine the spotlight on NYF Radio Awards Grand Jury member, Liliana Manna, Journalist with Radio Rivadavia Argentina. Liliana graduated in 1972 from the School of Journalism of the city of Buenos Aires and 1974 from the Institute of Radio Education.

She was the first woman in Argentina radio to be named a writer-broadcaster in the News Service of Radio Belgrano and served as producer on various radio and television programs. Liliana has been awarded 7 New York Festivals Radio Awards Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies. In 2014,  she earned the Gold for Best Documentary for “30 Years of Democracy: Everybody’s Story.” In 2014, she won the Ondas Award, awarded by the Cadena Ser Spain, for best documentary radio program in the world “Human Trafficking: Merchants of Innocence” which on December 3rd was delivered in a special audience with Pope Francisco.

New York Festivals: What qualities are most important in award-winning work?

Liliana Manna: The most important qualities in my opinion to reward radio work are the creativity to put it on the air, the selection of content, and technical quality.

New York Festivals: How does your experience within the industry help you throughout the judging process?

Liliana Manna: It helps me, fundamentally, to listen to new radial tendencies of the participating countries. I also incorporate technical innovation.

New York Festivals: How do you think content creators will change the way they tell stories in the future?

Liliana Manna: I believe that digital platforms will continue to expand the possibilities to create new content.

The stories will continue to have new technical resources and, in my opinion, the trend is geared towards reducing the time in which a story is told. I would not like to arrive at this instance of brief content.

New York Festivals: What project meant the most to you in your own history?

Liliana Manna

Liliana Manna: The most important work of my career was the New York Festivals Gold trophy winning  documentary series created in 1999, “Around the world in 100 years.” Broadcasted by Radio del Plata, the 10-series program was dedicated to each decade of the 20th Century and awarded for quality, historical research, excellent editing and a very punctual script with historical rigor.

New York Festivals: What advice do you have for young people just beginning a career in the industry?

Liliana Manna: My main advice for the new generations is that they never lose their capacity for amazement. That everything that surrounds them and what they observe, they capitalize on to generate a content that is of interest to the listeners. Today they have the whole world at their feet with new technologies. There are no excuses for not reading, not investigating, not checking information, looking for reliable sources. In short: I would like  fake news to no longer exist.

Last tip: Read History. Study Geography. Discover the stories that hide infinite lost towns that are just a click away on Google Map.

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