Open Mic Grand Jury Spotlight: Emma Casson

New York Festivals Grand Jury are some of the best and brightest in the radio industry and the brilliant creative minds who judge the 2019 NYF Radio Awards. These award-winning directors, producers, journalists, writers, actors, creative directors, composers, on-air talent, and programming executives are all actively involved in creating today’s innovative radio content.

Open Mic Spotlight spends a few minutes each week with NYF’s respected Grand Jury members and each NYF Spotlight interview shares the insights of these esteemed content creators from the wonderful world of radio.

This week we shine the spotlight on New York Festivals Radio Awards Grand Jury member, Emma Casson. Emma is a multi-award-winning freelance producer from the UK, working with companies such as TDC and Folder&Co. Emma’s work has been broadcast on stations including BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra, Radio 4 Extra and BBC Local Radio. In 2018 she won Gold at the New York Radio Festivals with ‘It’s Not Your Fault’, a documentary highlighting the dangers stalking and coercive control.

Emma Casson Accepting the Gold Trophy at the 2018 NYF Radio Awards Gala

What project meant the most to you in your own history?

Emma Casson: A project which means the most to me in my own history is ‘Inspiration’, a piece about how my Grandad’s life changed once he joined a choir after my Grandma passed away. This was very close to my heart and it was great to tell his inspirational and uplifting story. This led to my first ever award and to share it with him was very special.

What advice do you have for young people just

beginning a career in the industry? 

Emma Casson: The advice I would give to young people just beginning a career in the industry is work hard and never give up. You may receive countless rejections in the beginning but keep going and show them what you’re made of.

What qualities are most important in award-winning work?
Emma Casson: I love to hear something that hasn’t been done before where I think “I wish I had thought of that.” Also, audio which engages you and evokes an emotive response (whether happy or sad) and makes you stop and think

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