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New York Festivals Grand Jury are some of the best and brightest in the radio industry and the brilliant creative minds who judge the 2019 NYF Radio Awards. These award-winning directors, producers, journalists, writers, actors, creative directors, composers, on-air talent, and programming executives are all actively involved in creating today’s innovative radio content.

Open Mic Spotlight spends a few minutes each week with NYF’s respected Grand Jury members and each NYF Spotlight interview shares the insights of these esteemed content creators from the wonderful world of radio.

Amir Payam

This week we shine the spotlight on New York Festivals Radio Awards Grand Jury member, Amir Payam, Broadcast Journalist for BBC Persian Service – BBC World Service, USA producing TV Reports, developing breaking news, writing new and in-depth reports for website, and producing features for radio.

Amir is an award-winning Broadcast Journalist with a demonstrated history of working for various trusted media outlets including BBC News.

New York Festivals: What qualities are most important in award-winning work?

Amir Payam: The winning piece is a story worth telling and has been told in a way that the audience can not forget it for a while.

New York Festivals: How does your experience within the industry help you throughout the judging process?

Amir Payam: Dealing with everyday news for more than 20 years may sound like I am a burnout audience who is impossible to cheer up no matter how much the producer tries, but in fact, every single day I am more eager to listen to a new piece which can challenge my perception of “what is a good radio?” And if you are wondering how I managed to drag myself all these years, the answer is simple; there is always a new radio piece to amaze me and make me feel I did not waste my time by listening to it.

New York Festivals: How do you think content creators will change the way they tell stories in the future?

Amir Payam

Amir Payam: I do believe radio documentaries, and investigating podcasts are the future of radio.

New York Festivals: What advice do you have for young people just beginning a career in the industry?

Amir Payam: The entertaining aspect of our work may sound the golden key these days, but in the end, your work has to be meaningful and purposeful otherwise speedy burning-out is just around the corner.

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