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New York Festivals Grand Jury are some of the best and brightest in the radio industry and the brilliant creative minds who judge the 2019 NYF Radio Awards. These award-winning directors, producers, journalists, writers, actors, creative directors, composers, on-air talent, and programming executives are all actively involved in creating today’s innovative radio content.

Open Mic Spotlight spends a few minutes each week with NYF’s respected Grand Jury members and each NYF Spotlight interview shares the insights of these esteemed content creators from the wonderful world of radio.

Mike Hogan – Classic Hits 4FM, Ireland

This week we shine the spotlight on New York Festivals Radio Awards Grand Jury member, Mike Hogan Producer/Presenter for Classic Hits 4FM, Ireland. Hogan is a multi-award winning radio producer and presenter based in Dublin, Ireland. Mike specializes in Entertainment Breakfast, Hot Talk shows, and Documentaries. He has been very successful in each style. He currently produces the ‘PJ and Jim in the Morning’ breakfast show on Classic Hits. The programme has claimed gold in the Irish IMRO radio awards for the last two years running. Mike lives and breathes radio. He started his obsession at 15 years of age by purchasing a transmitter and aerial and broadcasting from his parents’ garden shed. He knows good radio when he hears it and is excited to listen to the best in the world by judging the New York Radio Awards.

New York Festivals: What qualities are most important in award-winning work?

Mike Hogan: Award winning work always stands out from the crowd. Judges are listening to hours of audio and the piece that brings something fresh to the table will be the one that jumps out from the speaker. A creative and new idea, with top quality audio and flawless editing are the main qualities for award winning work in my opinion. It’s easy to play it safe in radio and to broadcast subject matter that has been done time and time again. The radio that gets noticed is the idea that is unique or at lease has a unique angle. To win awards, you need to think killer radio and not filler radio.

New York Festivals: How does your experience within the industry help you throughout the judging process?

Mike Hogan: I am in a lucky position where I get to experience being both a producer and presenter. I have an understanding of how things work on both sides of the studio glass. I have also worked on various show styles, from current affairs to comedy, from documentary to magazine shows, which helps with judging more than one category. Also, I have made plenty of mistakes throughout my career. Making mistakes and learning from them adds to your experience as a judge. I also enter audio to be judged myself, so I respect the time and effort that goes in to entries. Entering a piece of radio to be judged is not an easy thing to do. I like to think I give each piece of audio the respect it deserves by giving plenty of time and thought before making a decision.

New York Festivals: What advice do you have for young people just beginning a career in the industry?

Mike Hogan: Bring ideas to the table and never be afraid of having them shot down. Radio is a beast that needs to be fed 24/7. Producers are constantly looking for new ideas, and a good producer will never laugh at an idea. They may not accept your suggestion, but most will appreciate that you are making the effort.

Don’t fall in to the trap of ‘radio by numbers’. Be different!

Don’t see social media as a competitor, use it to your benefit but don’t forget about the audio. Radio beginners often get bogged down in social media videos. Remember that the radio show is always the priority. Any other media is just an added bonus for you to enhance your radio show.

Enjoy it! Radio is not rocket science. Don’t take things too seriously. Some suits would lead you to believe that radio should be like working in a bank. The best radio is honest radio. Listeners can see through overly contrived ideas.

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