Radio Round Table with 2016 Grand Jury members: Patrick Campbell Daniel Gilliam, Andrika De Lanerolle and Karena Wynn-Moylan

The 2016 New York Festivals International Radio Program Awards Grand Jury is comprised of some of the most recognizable voices and captivating programming producers in the radio industry. New York Festivals Radio Awards invited four of this year’s award-winning Grand Jury members to offer their creative insights and observations on succeeding in the radio industry.

This week’s Radio Round Table asks the panel below to share their thoughts on early leadership lessons and the qualities that will insure success in the broadcast industry.

Radio Round Table Featuring:

Patrick Campbell, Partner, Campbell Davison Media, United Kingdom

Daniel Gilliam, Program Director and Weekday Afternoon Host of Classical 90.5, Louisville Public Media/WUOL ,USA

Andrika De Lanerolle, Audio Producer, AMI-Audio, Accessible Media Inc, Canada

Karena Wynn-Moylan, Presenter, Bay FM radio 99.9, Australia

New York Festivals: What were some early leadership lessons for you?

Daniel Gillaim

Daniel Gilliam: Listen to people. Be compassionate. Expect high standards. Get out of your people’s way so they can create – that’s why you hired them.

Karena Wynn-Moylan: That powerful creative women with  strong personalities were much more interesting and that successful  people were well organised which gave others confidence in them.

Patrick Campbell

Patrick Campbell: It took me a while to realize that you can’t do everything yourself. Delegation is the key to progressing projects from conception to completion, allowing co-workers to have the confidence to develop their own skills and thought processes. Mentoring, where needed, is also incredibly important in creating the talent of the future.

New York Festivals: What qualities are the most important to have?

Andrika De Lanerolle

Andrika De Lanerolle: Some of the most important qualities to have in our field include: confidence, patience and being a team player.

You have to have confidence to take on new challenges and explore new things outside of your comfort zone. You have to believe from the start that what you’re doing will have a good result. If not, then change it and try again. And most of all, you have to collaborate with those around you. Be open to ideas, listen and always give and take feedback.

Daniel Gilliam: We have to be curious for our listeners. When you tell them something they didn’t know, or something they didn’t know they didn’t know, you become their source for dinner conversation topics, small-talk on the bus, or just personal enlightenment.

Karena Wynn-Moylan

Karena Wynn-Moylan: If we are talking radio here, I would say Empathy is top of the list – you have to care about the person you are talking too, even if that is in a negative way! Have  Respect -you are not the focus in the interview, the other person is, so you must listen and let the interview develop and flow where it will. This means letting go of your ego but at the same time keeping control and being alert for the little things that are clues to a bigger picture. An absolute willingness to just listen and let the story reveal itself instead of having a preconceived idea of where you want it to go.

Patrick Campbell: Apart from the obligatory production skills required I believe to survive and thrive in this business you need to have ideas, know how to present them and be versatile enough to overcome hurdles and get your ideas to air. Also a good sense of humour is mandatory.

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