New York Festivals 2012 Radio Program & Promotion Awards Announces Finalists for “World’s Best Radio Programs”

The New York Festivals® Radio Program & Promotion Awards, recognizing the World’s Best Radio Programs™, announced the Finalists for the 2012 Radio Awards. Established in 1982, the competition honors the most innovative work in radio broadcasting, with entries from radio stations, networks, and independent producers from around the globe. This year’s GrandJury selected 196 entries representing 22 countries as Finalists.

The following prominent international companies took the lead in the preliminary judging round:  RTE Ireland with 22 Finalists; Canadian Broadcasting Corporation with 12 Finalists; Australian Broadcasting Corporation 10 Finalists; ESPN USA 8 Finalists; and Radio Netherlands Worldwide with 7 Finalists. American Public Media USA, Reliance Broadcast India, and Wise Buddha Creative UK were each honored with 5 Finalists. In addition, O’Reilly Television Inc Canada, Radio Free Asia USA, and TBI Media UK each earned 4 Finalists. All Radio Finalists go on to the medal round of judging to determine Gold, Silver, and Bronze award winners.

Selections from this year’s Grand Jury Finalists include: Australian Broadcasting Corporation, for “A Woman in Berlin”; Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for “The Current”;  EDI Media Inc for “Muhammad Ali – The Greatest”; ESPN USA for “E:60 Angel in the Outfield”; Fresh Air Production UK for  “Beyond Disability: The Adventures of a Blue Badger”; Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) for “Dialogue in the Dark”;  NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) for “Children’s Hour”; Radio France for “Clash the Classics! Voltaire’s Candide”; Radio Free Asia USA for  “Unification of North Korea: In Search of Answers”; Radio Mango India for “Mimicry Jingle”; Radio Mitre S.A. Argentina for “10 Years After the Fall of The President”; RTÉ lyric fm Ireland for “Jazz Alley – Louis Armstrong “Pops is Tops!””; Sirius XM Radio/Howard Stern USA for “SNL on Stern”; Ten Alps Radio UK for “Mr Mojo Risin”; and Wise Buddah Creative Limited UK for “Satchmo By Satchmo: The Louis Armstrong Tapes.”

“I love the truly international nature of the Radio Awards and what excited me this year was the high quality of entries from countries around the world with thought provoking and often moving content. Foreign language is no barrier to entry to these awards so I was delighted to be able to listen to and appreciate the fine skills of radio producers from many countries,” commented John MacCalman, NYF Radio Awards Advisory Board, Broadcast Producer/Consultant, Scotland.  “The manner in which broadcasters have come to grips with the digital technological age never fails to impress.  The creative talent shone through whether the broadcasting organisations had vast resources or it was just the efforts of a small team.”

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