New York Festivals TV & Film Awards Categories Encourage World’s Storytellers

“New York Festivals TV & Film Awards categories mirror the wide spectrum of programming being created across all continents and NYF celebrates and encourages the world’s storytellers,said Rose Anderson, executive director, New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards.

Rose Anderson, executive director, New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards

New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards competition continually monitors creative and technological advancements within the television and film industry. In response to world-wide programming trends, Rose Anderson unveiled several new categories for the 2016 competition: Climate Change & Sustainability and Music were both added to Documentary/Information Program, and Crime Drama was added to Regularly Scheduled Entertainment Program.

The competition continues to expand their Online Programming category roster. Online Music Program was unveiled this year and Online Drama and Online Comedy Program, both launched in 2015, added to the robust number of online categories launched to showcase programming that satisfies the consumer’s appetite for easy access to content online.

2015′s competition revealed a powerhouse of categories to recognize creativity from media content creators around the globe including: Mini-Series, Movie Trailer, Culinary Program, Sound Design, and Video Art & Experimental Film and Lifestyle Program.

New York Festivals is sensitive to the continually evolving programming trends, adding Lifestyle Program and Culinary Program categories showcases content created for this ever-expanding viewership and the Reality TV Drama (Structured and Unstructured) category addresses the explosion of content in the reality TV genre,”  said Ms. Anderson.

NYF’s entrants come from hundreds of production companies around the globe and embody the  extensive scope of programming in the broadcast and film industry – news, sports, entertainment, the arts, promos, films, and brand/corporate image – being made today.  The competition’s categories showcase the World’s Best TV & Films in the following genres: Animation, Comedy, Corporate, Drama, Documentary, Feature Films, Music Videos, News, Promos, Reality Shows, Sports, Telenovelas, Video Art & Experimental Films, and Webisodes.

Many awards competitions are national in scope or are by invitation-only or have other restrictions limiting eligibility,” remarked Ms. Anderson. “Our rules make it clear: one world, one competition, one show.”

For more information on New York Festivals TV & Film Awards categories click: HERE.

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Spotlight on Presenters – 2015 NYF TV & Film Awards Gala

Each year New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards recruits prominent media executives, broadcast journalists, talk show hosts, and content creators all representing the multifaceted media industry to celebrate the competition’s award-winners. Tonight these executives will take center stage as presenters to shine the spotlight on content creators from around the globe as they bestow Grand, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Finalist Certificates to extraordinary storytellers at the 2015 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards Gala in Las Vegas at NAB.

2015′s NYF TV & Film Awards Presenters include:

Chris Brown, executive vice president of NAB Conventions and Business Operations – USA; Daniel Carriere, national reporter, Radio-Canada/ Découverte (Television Program) – Canada; Mihai Gadea, ceo/host Antena 3, and Mircea Badea, anchor, Antena 3 – Romania; Jodain Massad, executive producer, Notre Dame University USA; David Mazza, senior vice President and chief technology officer, NBC Sports Group – USA; Bjoern Miniers, creative director/post-production supervisor, Redbull Media House – Austria; Mark Prahl, director of operations at Voice of America – USA; Linda Stogner, director/producer, KERA -USA; and Bassem Youseff, host/co-creator of Al-Bernameg -Egypt.

David Mazza, NYF’s 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient and Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, NBC Sports Group will present the fifth annual NYF Lifetime Achievement Award honoring Ken Aagaard, Executive Vice President,  Operations, Engineering & Production Services, CBS Sports.

The celebration begins at 6PM at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, Ballroom A & B in Las Vegas.

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Limelight Networks is the offical sponsor and Content Delivery Network for NYF’s 2015 TV & Film Gala

New York Festivals® International Television & Film Awards℠ competition is partnering with Limelight Networks as the official sponsor and Content Delivery Network (CDN) for the 2015 TV & Film Awards Gala at NAB on April 14th.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Limelight Networks as the 2015 sponsor and official CDN for this year’s TV and Film Awards, said Rose Anderson, executive director of NYF’s TV & Film Awards, “Participants will benefit from Limelight’s secure platform which delivers an exceptional user experience to all of our online entrants.  Security of our content and process is a prime concern.”

Rose Anderson, executive director, NYF TV & Film Awards

Limelight, a global leader in digital content delivery will partner with NYF to carry this incredible industry celebration of excellence to devices worldwide.  When NYF’s need for content distribution grew they began working with Limelight Orchestrate™(“Orchestrate”) Content Delivery, Video and Cloud Storage services which are integrated within every aspect of NYF’s TV & Film Awards competition platform.  This ensures entrants and jury members have the optimal experience submitting and viewing content.

According to Ms. Anderson, “Limelight made it easy for us to digitally deliver broadcast programs and films to any device anywhere in the world so that the hundreds of Grand Jury members, from 32 countries world-wide, are able to seamlessly view on demand each and every entry uploaded at the highest quality.”

“Limelight is proud to help New York Festivals celebrate both the artistry and the artist, by reliably and securely delivering broadcast quality videos worldwide,” said George Vonderhaar, Limelight’s Chief Sales Officer.

“This is an exciting event for the industry and a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the power of Limelight’s new Orchestrate V3.0 platform.  We congratulate the Finalists, and look forward to working closely with the NYF team to provide an exceptional experience for their entire audience.”

The World’s Best TV & Films℠ 2015 winner’s showcase and Gala highlights will also be powered by Limelight Orchestrate™, thus providing easy access to broadcast quality award-winning programs and highlights of award winning acceptors in the spotlight.

Award-winners will be presented trophies at the 2015 Television & Film Awards Gala on April 14th at the annual NAB Show in Las Vegas. Award winners and ceremony attendees will have access to the 2015 NAB Show. For tickets to the 2015 Television & Film Awards and more information please click HERE:


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On the Business of Movie Trailers: An Interview with Matt Winch & Jin Whang of Wink Creative

This week NYF explores the business of “Movie Trailers,” one of New York Festivals newest categories for 2015.  NYF interviewed New York based Matt Winch and Jin Whang of Wink Creative to find out more about this exciting creative genre that combines storytelling with advertising/marketing.

Founded in 2010 by Matt Winch, Founding Partner, and Jin Whang, Managing Partner, Wink Creative has been creating award-winning campaigns for major studios, filmmakers, broadcast networks and emerging content distributors.

Matt Winch, an award-winning theatrical trailer editor, copywriter, producer and creative director, has over 300 motion picture marketing campaigns for major studios, premiere trailer houses, filmmakers, and independents to his credit. Jin Whang, writer/producer, creative director and marketing executive, has worked on theatrical trailers and national television campaigns for more than 200 motion picture releases. Her experience spans every genre of marketing, niche and franchise, indies and micro-budgets to global and consumer-driven campaigns. Together they form Wink Creative.

In the interview below, NYF gets up close and personal with Matt Winch and Jin Whang as they share how they first got started in the business of creating movie trailers, the evolution of the industry, their all-time favorite move trailers, their latest project, and more.

NYF:  How did you first get started in the movie trailer industry?

MW: “By pure accident. When I went to LA after grad school in Chicago I had no idea there were agencies that specialized in movie trailers. I had grabbed the LA 411 book and started shotgunning my resume via fax (yes, fax) to random post houses, looking for work in commercials. One of the places had moved but a little tiny company at the time named Trailer Park had rented that space and still had the same fax number. The office manager at the time thought it was funny that I’d sent it to the wrong place and handwritten at the bottom of the resume ‘PS – I’ll do anything.’  She said “I have to meet this guy.” Then I had 3 interviews just to get a job as a runner.  After that it was up to me to learn the Avid and start cutting offline spots to show my bosses.”

NYF: How has the industry evolved in the past few years? Are movie trailers for fact paced than in previous years?

MW:  “The industry has evolved a lot in the past few years just like everything else. Faster computers with more storage space and processing power, the internet and a changing audience has certainly influenced its evolution.”

Then and now…

“We used to work on a 50k Avid that had only four tracks of audio available to cut with and send the cuts on ¾” tape through LA traffic for the clients. Sometimes they didn’t get back to us for 3 days with changes. Nowadays, everybody has desktop editing software on their computers with seemingly limitless capabilities and we either upload cuts to a server or have the client ‘sitting in’ with us via fiber (which means they can see what we’re doing in real time).”

“The audience is certainly more sophisticated too, especially the generation that grew up using the internet.  Obviously marketing strategies have to evolve to keep the interest of those potential moviegoers. You can’t just have a booming voice say “In a world…” anymore, people make fun of that now but if they think that’s all that goes into a movie marketing campaign they couldn’t be more wrong. It’s gotten quite complicated. We’re forced to tell stories without the aid of a narrator often and sound design and slick motion graphics are an essential and huge part of what goes into it.”

JW: “You no longer have to be in a theater to see trailers. There are teasers for trailers. And reviews for trailers.  The audience has engineered the evolution of trailers due to technology. It’s pop culture.”

Check out Wink Creative’s latest trailer project for “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” This  Netflix original, “from 30 Rock” executive producers, Tina Fey and Robert Carlock  is a hilarious comedy series starring Ellie Kemper of (“The Office,” “Bridesmaids”) as a woman who is rescued from a doomsday cult. The main character starts life over as a nanny for a socialite (Jane Krakowski from “30 Rock”) in New York City armed with just a backpack, light-up sneakers and a couple of past-due library books, she takes on a world she didn’t think even existed anymore.

View the trailer: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

NYF: How do you draw the line between enticing viewers and giving away too much information?

JW:  “Audiences consistently complain that trailers give away too much. What they don’t realize is that a lot of information in a trailer is often a result of those same viewers requesting it. Market research screenings and focus groups always yield one bit of info and that is that the viewer always wants more.”

NYF: How important is the narrator in the mix of building excitement?

JW: “In the year 2015 I would say no longer very important unless it’s a spoof trailer.  Trailer voice-over served the purpose of giving information and anchoring a theatrical feel for film advertising. Now everyone poo poos that voice. The majority of clients also prefer no narration for trailers. For television spots however it’s a different story. Narrators are vital in helping tell a story and positioning line within a short amount of time. That voice helps bust through clutter and many viewers rely on hearing that voice for info.”

NYF: What is your all time favorite movie trailer?

MW: “The 3 minute Mask of Zorro trailer from way back when. It was groundbreaking, had a double montage and every editor I knew was blown away by it.  It upped the ante in terms of the craftsmanship that went into the job and the Hal Douglas narration was so dramatic yet fun. He was always my favorite voice. If you look at it now it seems dated which is further proof to how much things have evolved but it’s still my sentimental favorite.”

JW: “ The trailer for “Bring It On.” It’s the classic example of a trailer that turned a mediocre high-school drama into an all-time guilty-pleasure favorite with some of the most quotable lines in movie history, one of which was created just for the trailer.”

For more information on Wink Creative visit:!about/c2414

The 2015 NYF International Television & Film Awards will host their Gala at the NAB Show in Las Vegas on April 14th, for more info visit:


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HBO’s David Roofthooft Joins NYF’s World’s Best TV & Films Advisory Board & Grand Jury

New York Festivals® Television & Film Awards Advisory Board is made up of  prominent media executives who are recognized for their expertise. Together with the Grand Jury members, they represent a global online community dedicated to using the most advanced technology available. David Roofthooft, Creative Director, Creative Services at HBO will lend his creative expertise to NYF’s International Television & Film Awards Advisory Board and Grand Jury and participate in selecting 2015′s World’s Best TV & Films℠ award-winning entries.

“I have been a keen follower of The New York Festival and International TV & Film Awards since the fall of 2001. While observing its continued evolution each year since, it has been a real pleasure to participate in this particular annual celebration of the great work submitted by our industry. The New York Festival and International TV & Film Awards remains true to its intent; it provides a diverse range of category offerings; there’s a clear level of transparency surrounding the awards process; and of course the recognition of the awards themselves is something my colleagues and I at HBO take great pride in,” said David Roofthooft, Creative Director, Creative Services at HBO.

David Roofthooft, Creative Director, Creative Services at HBO

“For these reasons specifically, it is truly an honor to join the advisory board this year.  I will offer my support in any way possible to ensure that the festival continues on its upward trajectory, growing in scale and prestige year by year.  It is a wonderful festival to be a part of, and I am both honored and thrilled to be included.”

David Roofthooft spearheads all promotional video content for HBO Sports, HBO Documentaries, as well as several HBO Films, Original Series and specials. He has helmed campaigns for some of HBO’s most renowned past series including Entourage, Treme, and Eastbound and Down and most recently campaigns for The Newsroom and Silicon Valley.

He has personally created several highly successful promotional franchises for HBO Sports as part of their shoulder programming offerings that include Face Off with Max Kellerman, and 2 Days – the documentary series that follows a boxer in the days leading up to a major fight. A multiple award-winning director, Mr. Roofthooft is also behind much of the promotion for boxing. Before joining HBO in 2000, he served as executive producer overseeing the on air department at Nick-at-Nite and previously worked as staff producer/director of interstitial programming at AMC.

Join New York Festivals® Television & Film Awards  at the annual NAB Show this coming April 14th and celebrate the 2015′s  Television & Film Award winning entries!

For more information visit:



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NYF’s TV & Film Awards Shines the Spotlight on Movie Trailers

As award season kicks off New York Festivals® International Television & Film Awards  honoring the World’s Best TV & Films has added the new category Movie Trailer to recognize creativity from development and production professionals around the globe.

This year, New York Festivals Television & Film Awards will shine the spotlight on the art of the Movie Trailer. The award-winners of this newly launched category honoring this creative genre that combines cinematic storytelling with advertising/marketing to increase consumer appeal will be presented with trophies at the TV & Film Awards ceremony at the 2015 NAB Show.

Rose Anderson, Executive Director, New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards

“New York Festivals recognizes that Movie Trailers are a specialized art form of their own, combining sophisticated editing techniques and expert marketing to create excitement, entertain and set the stage for the release of a feature film — all in less than three minutes! We look forward to celebrating their creative achievement,” said Rose Anderson, Executive Director of New York Festivals Television & Film Awards.

To submit entries to the 2015 TV & Film Awards competition and the Movie Trailer category visit HERE. Entry details and competition rules and regulations can be found at: To view the complete list of categories visit:

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CBS Sports Executive Ken Aagaard Will Receive the 2015 New York Festivals Lifetime Achievement Award

New York Festivals Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes prominent industry leaders whose accomplishments and contributions have advanced their field and made a lasting impression on the industry.  Ken Aagaard, Executive Vice President, Operations, Engineering & Production Services, CBS Sports career accomplishments epitomize what this prestigious award represents.

Ken Aagaard, Executive VP Engineering Operations & Production Services, CBS Sports

With a media career spanning over four decades, Ken Aagaard is one of sports television’s most respected broadcast executives. His resume includes high profile global sporting events for many networks including 18 Super Bowls, five World Series, a half dozen Wimbledon matches and French Opens, and three Olympic Games, including the 1988 Games in Seoul where he was VP Operations for NBC Olympics.

“In the 45 years I have been fortunate enough to be working in the broadcast business, content has always been king and the show has always been the most important,” said Ken Aagaard, Executive Vice President, Operations, Engineering & Production Services, CBS Sports.  “I have also been fortunate to achieve such a long career by surrounding myself with a lot of good people.  I am honored to receive this award and share it with a lifetime of colleagues.”

As Executive Vice President, Engineering, Operations and Production Services for CBS Sports, Aagaard is responsible for overseeing operations, engineering and production management for all field events and the CBS Broadcast Center, including logistics and technical support. In addition to overseeing these areas for CBS College Sports Network, his efforts include developing new technology and production enhancements for both CBS Sports and CBS College Sports Network.

Mr. Aagaard introduced multiple critically acclaimed technical achievements including EyeVison, a new technology showing replays in a 3-D way introduced in January 2001 at Super Bowl XXXV, and Swing Vision, a super-slow motion breakdown for replaying golf swings.

As the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Aagaard will be honored at the New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards gala on April 14, 2015 at the annual NAB Show in Las Vegas. Join New York Festivals Television & Film Awards  as we celebrate Mr. Aagaard and the World’s Best Television & Films ℠ .

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New York Festivals Honors David Mazza, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, NBC Sports Group, with 2014 TV & Film Lifetime Achievement Award

New York Festivals® International Television & Film Awards™ will honor David Mazza, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, NBC Sports Group, with its 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award.

David Mazza, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, NBC Sports Group

David Mazza will be honored on Tuesday, April 8th at the New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards ceremony taking place at the annual NAB Show in Las Vegas. The NYF Television & Film Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes prominent industry leaders whose accomplishments and contributions have advanced their field and made a lasting impression on the industry. The organization is now in its 57th year of honoring the World’s Best TV Programs & Films™.

Mr. Mazza commented, “I have been so lucky to have had the opportunity to work on NBC’s Olympic coverage over the years. I’m humbled by this honor, but the credit really is shared with the incredibly talented team that I am blessed with, and the leaders at NBC who trusted all of us to venture into some very new and exciting territories.”

A 35-year veteran of the media industry, David Mazza joined NBC in 1994 for the Atlanta Games in 1996.  A two-year assignment turned into a 20-year Olympic career. He was named Senior Vice President of Engineering for NBC’s Olympics division in 2002, and CTO in 2012. Mazza oversees the engineering group, who were originally charged with designing and building NBC’s re-useable multi-games infrastructure. This framework would then be subject to the ever-changing and growing nature of NBC’s Olympic coverage for the next seven consecutive Olympic Games, beginning with the Sydney Olympics in 2000 through the London 2012 Games. The upcoming 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia in February will mark Mazza’s 13th Olympics.

Starting in 2011, while juggling the preparations for what became the most-watched television event in U.S. history, Mazza was also tasked with building a new home for the NBC Sports Group in Stamford, Conn. He served as the Lead Designer and Project Manager for the very fast- track effort. The result is a new state-of the-art 300,000 sq. ft. International Broadcast Center that opened in December of 2012 and houses the NBC Sports Group top executives as well employees working for NBC-SN, NBC Olympics, NBC Sports Digital, and the NBC Sports Regional Networks management teams.

“There are few in any industry who combine such meticulous attention to detail with unrivaled subject matter mastery and uncompromising standards of excellence. Dave achieves all this with great leadership and mentorship, and a humanity that pervades every move he makes,” said Gary Zenkel, President, NBC Olympics, and President, Operations and Strategy, NBC Sports Group. “His genius moves bits and bytes and touches hearts and minds.”

Previously, Mazza was a Technical Director for the first four Olympics he worked on from 1984-1992. When he joined NBC full-time in 1994 as Director of Engineering, Mazza led the technical design, building and operation of NBC’s International Broadcast Center for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. He and his team developed extensive new technology and systems needed for the “Virtual IBC,” which allowed part of the broadcast center to be located in New York and part in Atlanta.

Other NBC Olympic engineering achievements have included designing for a three-fold increase in coverage hours from Athens Games in 2004; the conversion to HD coverage and 5.1 Surround Sound for the 2006 Torino Games; the development of the highly complex “at-home effort” (as it is now called) and the new File-Based Highlights Factory called for another three-fold increase in coverage plus all the new NBC Digital web content offered for the first time for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. For the London Olympics, every competition was streamed live for the first time, offering more than 3,500 hours of content, in addition to new tablet and mobile offerings. All of these advancements and innovations were accomplished on the stage of one of the world’s largest sporting events. Mazza and his team are now busy preparing for the 2014 Sochi Games in Russia.

Mazza’s technical work has spanned the worlds of sports, entertainment, and news. Other projects included 13 Championships at Wimbledon; three Super Bowls; 14 seasons of Championship Boxing on HBO; 10 seasons of NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs and Finals, the first three MTV Video Music Awards, and a long list of others.  Mazza has earned numerous awards including 22 Emmys for the Olympics (1984-2012), cable’s Monitor Award, ACE and BDA Awards for Graphics Compositing. In 2006, he was awarded the GE Edison Award for technical innovation.

The New York Festivals Awards ceremony will shine the spotlight on the 2014 World’s Best TV & Films, as well as present the Lifetime Achievement Award, Broadcaster of the Year, Production Company of the Year, and United Nations Department of Public Information Awards. Award winners and ceremony attendees will have access to the 2014 NAB Show. For more information on the 2014 Television & Film Awards ceremony at NAB visit:

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New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards Announces 2014 Call For Entries

New York Festivals® International Television & Film Awards™, honoring the World’s Best TV & Films™, is now open for entries.

2014 NYF Television & Film Awards Call For Entry Video

Rose Anderson, Executive Director of NYF’s TV & Film Awards, initiated multiple updates in this year’s competition, among them expanded categories and a website redesign. Updated categories for 2014 include: Best Nonfiction Series, Best Screenplay, Best Host, Business & Finance Documentary, Human Concerns Documentary, Financial & Legal Reporting, Legal Issues Documentary, Corporate Social Responsibility and Student Online Program.

Rose Anderson, Executive Director, New York Festivals Television & Film Awards

Ms. Anderson had this to say about the changing landscape of the television and film industry: “NYF continues to be responsive to current world-wide creative trends by updating categories as well as creating new ones. Our competition honors and celebrates exceptional and imaginative programs created around the globe. Broadcast, online, exhibition – we welcome all platforms.”

The 2014 Television & Film Awards will take place at the annual NAB Show in Las Vegas on April 8th, 2014. This official partnership with NAB Show, now in its fourth year, showcases the competition to more than 93,000 media and entertainment professionals from 156 countries, including more than 1,700 industry press representatives.

The 2013 Grand Trophy winners were featured in a Creative Master Series session: “Paul Simon’s Graceland Journey: Under African Skies (A&E USA); “Opening Ceremony of the Games of the XXX Olympiad” (IOC/LOCOG/OBS/Done and Dusted/YLE); and “Hatfields & McCoys” (History Channel USA).

Joe Berlinger, Director of 2013’s Grand Trophy winning entry “Paul Simon’s Graceland Journey: Under African Skies,” had this to say, “To receive the Grand Award from New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards this past year, from such a strong group of internationally acclaimed nominations was a truly a privilege and memorable moment for me as well as a testament to the strength and quality of the films and shows being produced around the globe.”

Hamish Hamilton, award-winning Broadcast Executive Producer and Broadcast Director for Done & Dusted UK commented on earning the 2013 Grand Trophy for “Opening Ceremony of the Games of the XXX Olympiad” (IOC/LOCOG/OBS/Done and Dusted/YLE). “I’d like to thank New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards for this great honour. A project like this involves a huge number of people across many organizations and many disciplines. Thousands of people were involved in front of the camera and many many more behind the camera. We all share this incredible honour. The Ceremonies will doubtless be the time of our lives. Despite the stress and expectation everyone found the energy, courage and vision to create a show that we were proud to broadcast to the world. This award only serves to make the experience even more special.”

Susan Zirinsky, Senior Executive Producer of CBS News broadcast 48 Hours and NYF Lifetime Achievement Recipient

Specialty awards for 2013 included: ESPN USA earned Broadcaster of the Year, The Edge Picture Company UK was awarded Production Company of the Year, and Susan Zirinsky, Senior Executive Producer of the CBS News broadcast 48 HOURS, was the NYF Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

The deadline to enter the 2014 Television & Film Awards competition is October 15, 2013. Entry details and competition rules and regulations can be found on the NYF Television & Film Awards website To view a complete list of categories visit:,3,6.

All Entries in the 2014 competition will be judged online and screened by New York Festivals Television & Film Awards Grand Jury of 200 plus producers, directors, writers, and other creative media professionals from around the globe. Winning entries will be showcased on the NYF Television & Film Awards website.


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NYF TV & Film Awards Announced 2013 Winners at NAB; Grand Awards go to Done and Dusted UK, A&E USA, and History Channel USA

New York Festivals® International Television & Film Awards™ celebrated the World’s Best TV Programs & Films™ Tuesday, April 9th at NAB in Las Vegas. The Grand Jury awarded 119 Gold World Medals, 145 Silver, 104 Bronze, and 327 Finalist Certificates from entries submitted from 50 countries. The following companies were honored with Grand Awards: Done and Dusted, UK for Olympic Opening Ceremony; A&E, USA for Paul Simon’s Graceland Journey: Under African Skies; and History Channel, USA for Hatfields & McCoys.

Craig Bengston, Vice President of “SportsCenter,” ESPN

ESPN, USA earned the title of Broadcaster of the Year for the 6th year consecutive year and was recognized with 12 Gold World Medals, 20 Silver, 8 Bronze, and 22 Finalist Certificates.

“Excellence, innovation and storytelling have always been ESPN hallmarks and we’re thrilled the NY Festivals Awards have again recognized these qualities and we are proud to again be named Broadcaster of the Year,” said John Wildhack, ESPN executive vice president, production. “Led by SportsCenter, Outside the Lines and E:60, our shows are distinguished by features that inform, entertain and often break new ground.”

The Edge Picture Company was honored with the title Production Company of the Year for the 7th year in a row. The London-based company earned 2 Gold World Medals, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze, and 6 Finalist Certificates.

“Here at The Edge, we’re deeply honoured to have been awarded the New York Festival’s Production Company of the Year, again for an amazing 7th year in a row.  For any production company this award is the ultimate accolade, and we’re overjoyed that our hard-work and commitment to corporate film-making continues to be recognised by this internationally respected and highly competitive Festival.  Thanks must go to all our hard-working teams and of course to our many clients, who continue to support our passion for pushing creative boundaries to produce inspirational films.”  Phil Blundell, director, The Edge Picture Company

Susan Zirinsky, NYF Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

New York Festivals honored Susan Zirinsky, senior executive producer of the CBS News broadcast 48 HOURS with the third annual NYF Lifetime Achievement Award. Erin Moriarty, correspondent for 48 HOURS, presented the award to Zirinksy, whose extensive journalism career has provided her with a front seat to some of the most iconic moments in TV news history.

Erin Moriarty, CBS 48 Hours correspondent









Done and Dusted took home the Grand Trophy for "Olympic Opening Ceremony"

“Olympic Opening Ceremony” Done and Dusted, UK Special Events was awarded the Grand Trophy. The award-winning entry has become one of the most watched programs in history with an estimated 1 billion viewers worldwide.

“Paul Simon’s Graceland Journey: Under African Skies,” A&E, USA The Arts was honored with the Grand Trophy, and features Paul Simon as he travels back to South Africa on the 25th anniversary of his historic Graceland album.

“Hatfields & McCoys,” History, USA Mini-Series was recognized with the Grand Award. The series, featuring an all star cast, led by Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton, chronicles the true story of a legendary family feud.


Dr. Kamal Haasan, legendary Indian film actor, screenwriter, producer and director.

Chris Brown, executive vice president of conventions & business operations for NAB, presented a special award celebrating the 100 year anniversary of Indian Cinema to Dr. Kamal Haasan, legendary Indian film actor, screenwriter, producer and director.

The following prominent industry executives presented awards to this year’s winning entrants:  Chris Brown, NAB; Jodain Massad, Kansas City Chiefs; Roni Selig, CNN; Marco Frascarelli, and Mia Van Der Heyden, Temps Mort; Patrick Rutnam & Frederick-James Lobato, A Common Man; and Brian Schulz, Brooklyn Castle.

Brian Schulz, Brooklyn Castle

The newly launched Best Performance by an Actress/Actor category honored Troian Bellisario for “WIGS’ Lauren” with a Gold World Medal, and Julia Stiles for “WIGS’ Blue” with a Bronze in the Best Performance by an Actress category. Actress Maalaala Mo Kaya in “Remembering” ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation was honored with Finalist Certificate. Robert Taylor “Longmire” A&E received a Bronze World Medal; and Adam Zwar “Lowdown” ABC, Australia garnered a Finalist Certificate in the Best Performance by an Actor category.

“Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” Sony Pictures Television/ Crackle, and “Fresh Guacamole By PES” Showtime earned Gold World Medals in the Online Entertainment Program category, and “Early Cuts” Dexter Showtime, and “Temps mort / Time out” Societe Radio-Canada /Productions Babel received Silver Medals. “The Dalai Lama at St Paul’s” CTN Communications/The John Templeton Foundation, Online Special Events and “Memorable Moments. The Olympics.” Yahoo! Studios, Online Sport Program were honored with Gold Medals.

CNN’s 24-hour news coverage took center stage earning a total of 7 Gold World Medals, 5 Silver, 2 Bronze and 8 Finalist Certificates. The network received top honors for their Gold Medal coverage for “Selling a Miracle,”  “CNN Presents: Soldier Guinea Pigs,” “Syria: Inside Aleppo,” “CNN Series of Reports from Homs, Syria by an Anonymous Journalist/Filmmaker, ” “Refund Robbery,” “Awra Damon: Homs Wounded,” and “AC360: Kids on Race: The Hidden Picture.”  And, Australian Broadcasting Corporation “Inside West Papua”; ESPN’s Outside the Lines’ “Kyle Maynard: No Excuses,”  “Monika Korra: Breaking the Silence,” and “Defiance: The Story of FC Start,” were awarded Gold Medals.

The spotlight was on Prime Time Promos with “London Calling Brand Trail” BBC Worldwide / BBC Global News; “America’s Got Talent ‘Magnet’” NBC, and “Crimson Petal Sizzle” Encore Starz Entertainment taking home Gold Medals. HBO’s “Hemingway & Gellhorn Behind The Scenes Campaign,” “Boardwalk Empire S3 Campaign,” “The Newsroom Trailer #1,” and “LUCK Campaign” along with  Showtime‘s “Writers Room Campaign” Weeds and “Mirrors” The Borgias  received Silver Medals.

“Brooklyn Castle” Producers Distribution Agency; “Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide” Show of Force/PBS; “Perfectly Normal” Bunim-Murray; “Good Karma $1” Kids At Play and Fearless Cottage; and “A Hell of a Living” ANTENA 3; each earned Gold World Medals  for their documentary work.  Other documentaries earning honors include “Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile” ITV Studio; “The World According to Lance” Australian Broadcasting Corporation; and “KBS Special- Kim Jong-il” Korean Broadcasting System garnered Silver Medals.

Each year, NYF, in collaboration with the United Nations Department of Public Information, selects entries that exemplify the aims and ideals of the United Nations, and honors them with the United Nations Department of Public Information (UNDPI) awards. “Inside Story,” Discovery DCEGP, USA – Society & Social Issues, and “Once Upon a Time in Cabramatta,” Fredbird Entertainment and Northern Pictures, Australia – Community Portraits earned Gold UNDPI Awards. “Perfectly Normal,” Bunim-Murray Productions, USA – Documentaries garnered a Bronze UNDPI.

NYF’s 2013 Television & Film Awards ceremony and acceptance speeches will be available for viewing on the International Television & Film Awards website. To view this year’s award winners: or . For more information visit: .

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