Grand Jury Spotlight: Claudia Ernst

New York Festivals 2018 TV & Film Awards Grand Jury represents 32 countries on 6 continents. Known for its powerhouse jury comprised of prominent international broadcast and film industry executives, NYF’s jurors are award-winners themselves and are passionate about excellence and innovation. Their reputation in diverse areas across all platforms provide each entry with the utmost of attention and make them qualified to select the World’s Best TV & Films.

Claudia Ernst

NYF’s Grand Jury Perspective offers an intimate glimpse into the thought process and creative insights of the award-winning industry superstars who serve on the TV & Film Awards Grand Jury.

This week, New York Festivals TV & Film Grand Jury Perspective shares the industry observations of Grand Jury member, Claudia Ernst. Claudia brings 16 years’ experience  working in both nonfiction and natural history to the jury panel. Currently she is serving as working assistant for CEO Joern Roever of Naturfilm/Doclights for the ARD primetime wildlife slot “Erlebnis Erde” and NDR’s “Expeditionen ins Tierreich” as well as for international co-productions for National Geographic Wild, ORF, Terra Mater, ARTE.

In the interview below, Claudia shares her thoughts on what makes great content, her mantra for career success, what projects are on the horizon and more.

New York Festivals: Talk about what qualities makes great content?

Claudia Ernst: For me it makes the authenticity and honest investigation of the pictures.

New York Festivals: What was your mantra for career success? Was your path to success linear or a winding road…how so?

Claudia Ernst: I define it as a feeling of wellbeing – that you can call my mantra… I certainly reached the place where I belong and feel extraordinary good at Naturfilm – I came over learning a solid craft, some modelling, travelling to start working in a documentary department – and then eventually here I am now – must be doing something right – working here now for over 16 years and proud of it.

New York Festivals: What are some of the tools you use to keep your audience?

Claudia Ernst: The wildlife, the nature, the animals, the brilliant filmmakers, the whole crew which all together create this “product” what keeps our audience glued to the TV-screen, mobiles – whatever. 

New York Festivals: Share your thoughts on freedom of the press?

Claudia Ernst: Press is free, should stay free – when honest.

New York Festivals: What projects are on the horizon for you?

Claudia Ernst: A lot of nature and wildlife is coming ahead!

New York Festivals: If you could select any iconic creative to collaborate with on a project who would it be and why?

Sir Richard Attenborough

Claudia Ernst: Definitely Richard Attenborough – he was around for so long, so experienced and kept his vivid interest in things – always ready to discover more. We already worked with him – and it was just as expected – fantastic!

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