NYF TV & Film Awards Spotlight on Sammy Choi

New York Festivals Television & Film Awards Advisory Board provides the competition with the perspectives of prominent broadcasters from around the globe. As award-winning industry leaders, they understand the elements that go into creating compelling award-winning nonfiction content.

Sammy Choi, Executive Producer, Choi Boy Productions

This week’s NYF’s TV & Film Awards Spotlight Interview features NYF Advisory Board member,Sammy Choi, Executive Producer for Choi Boy Productions.

Choi brings decades of sports and entertainment production expertise to the Advisory Board, starting his career in entertainment by being featured on the jumbo-tron at Madison Square Garden during a NY Rangers game. A curious Choi randomly went up to a camera director after that fan shot and was able to secure an interview with a top Garden executive. From that chance encounter, he went on to become the Game Director for the NY Rangers overseeing all the arena entertainment. Notably, he produced Wayne Gretzky’s last game and retirement ceremony.

In 2000, Sammy became the NHL Director of Events and Entertainment and produced all their events including: NHL All-Star Game, Stanley Cup Finals, NHL Entry Draft, and NHL International Games. Later in 2005, Sammy transitioned over to the NFL into the role of Executive Producer and Director of NFL Events. For over a decade, he produced the entertainment and pageantry at all NFL events including the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, NFL International Series, NFL Draft, and NFL Kickoff. In his most recent role at Vevo as the Senior Director of Music and Talent, he was responsible for booking and producing original content with some of the biggest musical artist in the world including: The Weeknd, SZA, Future, Kendrick Lamar, Luke Bryan, Depeche Mode, Khalid, Def Leppard, French Montana, Halsey, Little Big Town, and DJ Khaled.

New York Festivals: In today’s fragmented media environment, what forms of content resonate most across platforms?

Sammy Choi: I believe in today’s fragmented media environment, you can no longer just think about your content living on just traditional forms like television and live events.  Content that can be re-cut or repurposed on several platforms gives your audience the ability to consume it on their schedule. Video on demand is the key for getting the most eyeballs and going viral!

New York Festivals: How important is storytelling?

Sammy Choi: Whether it’s a long form feature or social media post, storytelling is still the reason the audiences want to consume your content. I believe there is no timeframe for telling a story and sometimes a simple IG story or Snapchat post can say as much as a traditional video spot or vignette. A good story still fascinates and engages us!

New York Festivals: Emerging trends you are excited about?

Sammy Choi: I love how technology can turn anyone with a creative mind into a storyteller. Great original content used to be reserved for high-end networks with fancy cameras and edit suites handcuffing those with no budgets. Now anyone with a vision, digital camera, laptop, or even just their smart phone can make beautiful content and post it for the world to see.

New York Festivals: Can you talk about creative leadership?

Sammy Choi: Having produced traditional television and events for several sports teams, leagues, and musical acts for two decades, there are so many more new opportunities than when I started my career. But no matter what the medium, it all starts with creativity!  I was lucky enough to have great a leader and mentor along the way, Frank Supovitz. He taught me to think big creatively, bring all ideas to the table no matter how crazy they are, and never forget the little details that make a great production. Now I am proud to be passing that creative torch and vision to the next generation of television, live event, and digital producers.

For more information or to enter the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards, please visit: https://www.newyorkfestivals.com/tvfilm/

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