NYF’s TV & Film Awards Spotlight on Kyle Murdoch

New York Festivals Television & Film Awards Grand Jury Spotlight Interview profiles prominent award-winning Broadcast executives from around the globe. As industry leaders, they understand the elements that go into creating compelling award-winning nonfiction content.

Kyle Murdoch, Managing Director, NHNZ

This week’s Spotlight Interview features 2019 Grand Jury member, Kyle Murdoch, Managing Director for NHNZ. Kyle brings 15 years of experience working around the globe in factual television as a producer, director and writer to the jury panel.

In 2007, he was NHNZ’s Director of Business development for China, Asia and the Middle East, responsible for NHNZ’s significant China production presence. Kyle took over the Managing Director role in 2013, and since then has built on NHNZ’s production slate and diversified the company’s role as a content provider, working across apps, building Channels and stepping into the gaming industry.

This year NHNZ earned the NYF Gold World Medal for their Documentary “Big Pacific” (Nature & Wildlife). Big Pacific was created to showcase the Pacific Ocean to a vast, international audience. Over four episodes, the series moves throughout the ocean to present a broad range of locations, species, natural phenomena and behaviors.

New York Festivals: What are the new creative opportunities available for production and what are you excited about?

Kyle Murdoch: With more platforms commissioning and acquiring a wider range of factual stories, I’m excited about the growing opportunities to tell really big ambitious stories that can reach international audiences in various ways.

New York Festivals: How will storytelling continue to evolve to keep pace with today’s audiences viewing habits?

Kyle Murdoch: Today’s viewers are sharing news, links and clips of their favourite stories online, so producers need to make sure our stories are accessible in many different forms. Ultimately however good quality storytelling will always rise to the top, there will never be any substitute for this, but making these stories accessible will help access a bigger and wider audience.

New York Festivals: Who has influenced your career either as a mentor or as an inspiration?

Kyle Murdoch: I grew up in the UK watching David Attenborough and David Bellamy, the way they both got up close and had such an intimate personal relationship with the natural world, profoundly affected my curiosity and passion for the amazing world around us.

New York Festivals: What goes into your creative process and how do you strive for greatness?

Kyle Murdoch: I try and surround myself with a team of incredibly talented creatives from different backgrounds and different experiences, the ideas and concepts they can produce together is unique and very distinctive, I try hard to not keep producing the same homogeneous style of stories, keeping our creative fresh and new is important.

For more information or to enter the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards, please visit: https://www.newyorkfestivals.com/tvfilm/


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