NYF TV & Film Awards Spotlight on Germán Sela Orbe

New York Festivals Television & Film Awards Grand Jury Spotlight Interview profiles prominent  award-winning Broadcast executives  from around the globe. As industry leaders, they understand the elements that go into creating compelling award-winning nonfiction content.

Germán Sela Orbe, Head of Brand, Moviestar+

Grand Jury member, Germán Sela Orbe is Head of Brand for Moviestar+ Spain. Germán brings over 30 years of branding and promo experience to the 2019 jury panel. Since 2015 he’s been running and developing Movistar+, the new brand that resulted from the merge of CANAL+ Spain and Movistar (Telefonica Group).

During his early days  in the cinema business as Head of Marketing, Germán was  involved in the production, marketing and distribution strategy of more than 50 feature films. He also served as Music Supervisor for several of the films.

In 2004 Germán moved to pay TV at CANAL+ Spain where he served as Creative Services Director  and then was promoted to Brand Director in 2011 where ran DTH and OTT platforms and a portfolio of more than 20 channels.

Germán’s promos and branding works have received numerous distinctions and awards at some of the world’s most prominent competitions including New York Festivals, PROMAX, D&AD, ADCE Awards, LAUS and  many more.

His team earned the 2018 Program Promotion Team of the Year honors at the annual New York Festivals TV & Film Awards ceremony at NAB.

Raúl Regueiro accepting the 2018 Program Promotion Team of the Year for Moviestar+ Spain

NYF: What are the new creative opportunities available for production and what are you excited about?

Germán Sela Orbe: I believe there is a new creative democracy because technical advances are more available and cheaper than ever, so any idea can be produced at a reasonable price. We are excited about getting brands closer to the user on a daily basis and making them feel part of the brand and to build it together.

NYF: How will storytelling continue to evolve to keep pace with today’s audiences viewing habits?

Germán Sela Orbe: There are new and very specific rules because in the digital world we need big impacts to capture audience attention in the very first seconds. We also need new touch points because the traditional on air promo makes no sense in an on-demand world.

NYF: Who has influenced your career either as a mentor or as an inspiration?

Germán Sela Orbe: I developed part of my career in the Spanish division of CANAL+.

Étienne Robial

Etienne Robial was the Creative Director at the foundation of CANAL+ in 1984 and his ideas were revolutionary.

NYF: What goes into your creative process and how do you strive for greatness?  

Germán Sela Orbe: It’s always team work and understanding user needs, it’s the only way to achieve your goals.

For more information or to enter the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards, please visit: www.newyorkfestivals.com/tvfilm/ or view the 2018 Winners Showcase.


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