Grand Jury POV: Phil Blundell

New York Festivals TV & Film Awards Grand Jury is made up of over 200 directors, producers, journalists, writers, actors, creative directors, art directors, filmmakers, composers and programming executives who are all award-winners themselves. With members from over 40 countries, this diverse jury with a global mix of perspectives is one of the strengths of New York Festivals jury process.

Phil Blundel with Gold Award for The Essence of Qatar at the 2016 New York Festivals International Film and TV Awards

In this week’s Grand Jury POV, NYF spent a few minutes with award-winning TV & Film Awards Advisory Board and Grand Jury member, Phil Blundell, Managing Director of the Edge Picture Company, United Kingdom.

Phil founded The Edge when it opened for business in 1991. Now in its 25th year, The Edge has won over 300 major international awards in that time and leads the global field as the UK’s leading Corporate Film Production Company, renowned for its outstanding creative programming and a first class track record a record that Phil has personally played a crucial role in achieving. The Edge Picture Company has earned the prestigious title of NYF TV & Film Awards Production Company of the Year for the 10th year running.

Keep reading to learn more about Phil, including early career influences and leadership lesions, the defining moment in his career, his forecast of where the industry is evolving and much more.

NYF:  Who or what were the most important early influences in your career?

Phil Blundell: When we started The Edge in 1991, the global corporate film making industry had a reputation in the minds of some people as being creatively & technically sub-standard to other forms of film making. This drove us to want to close the gap and start producing films that were every bit as good, if not better.  The desire to keep pushing the bar higher still drives us today.

 NYF:  What’s the most important thing you learned from your first job?

Phil Blundell: To keep pushing creative boundaries and always fight for the audience.

NYF: What were some early leadership lessons for you?

Phil Blundell: To not have any ivory towers and to allow talented youngsters to come into the company and grow to embrace our creative film making culture.

NYF: What was a defining moment in your career?

Phil Blundell: Having witnessed a series of senior business leaders weeping at one of our early films, I soon realized the sheer power and possibilities for emotionally engaging film making. Produced for a charity, the film in question went on to fund raise £4M. Winning the hearts and minds of an audience quickly became our mantra.

NYF: Where do you see the industry in the next five years?

Phil Blundell: The digital space is a great opportunity for all us film makers, with targeted delivery channels offering so many possibilities for communications. However with such a volume of content being endlessly offered to viewers, bespoke films have to rise above the general noise by being distinctive, smarter and more compelling than ever before.

NYF: What qualities set apart the TVF medal winners?

Phil Blundell: The TVF medal winners truly showcase the films that set new levels of creativity and originality.  With entries coming from all major markets across the world, TVF really is the only festival which genuinely celebrates the world’s very best films.

For more information on the 2017 New York Festivals Television & Film Award please visit: Here and to enter visit: Here.


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