Grand Jury POV: Igor Tavares

Each week the Grand Jury POV profiles the dynamic men and women who serve on the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards Grand Jury.This world-class Grand Jury is made up of over 200 award-winning directors, producers, journalists, writers, actors, creative directors, art directors, filmmakers, composers and programming executives. With members from over 40 countries, this diverse jury with a global mix of perspectives is one of the strengths of New York Festivals jury process.

Igor Tavares, Executive Producer for TV Globo's Planeta Extremo

This week, New York Festivals  Grand Jury POV profiles Igor Tavares, Executive Producer for Planeta Extremo, TV Globo Brazil’s  award-winning nature adventure series.  With over 15 years producing experience, Igor’s career has found him covering  some of the world’s most exciting sporting events including Olympic Games, track and field championships, volleyball World Cups, basketball World Cups, Africa Cup of Nations, as well as following Brazil’s soccer team in both national and international matches.

His producing, reporting, and editing talents have served him while working at TV Globo and SporTV, both in Brazil and as a New York Correspondent.

In 2016, Igor, Carol Barcellos and Clayton Conservani hosts of Planeta Extremo – and the team from TV Globo Brazil series  accepted a Bronze Trophy and 2 Finalist Certificates at the 2016 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards at the annual NAB Show in Las Vegas.

TV Globo's Planeta Extremo Team at NYF's 2016 TV & Film Awards ceremony

NYF caught up with Igor Tavares and asked him to share his insights on his broadcast career, including his early influences, his opinion on where the industry is evolving, and the defining moment in his career and much more.

NYF: Who or what were the most important early influences in your career?

Igor Tavares: To see with my own eyes the history of the world being made. The desire to be there, live and tell it. Could be a war, a tragedy, a great achievement in the sport. The events of world history were the things that influenced me.

NYF: What’s the most important thing you learned from your first job?

Igor Tavares: The most important thing I learned from the beginning is that nothing can be done alone in our industry.

NYF: What were some early leadership lessons for you?

Igor Tavares:  A guy who lived in the slums near my house would get children out of a life of crime through art and sport. Soon he became a great local hero.

NYF: What was a defining moment in your career?

Igor Tavares:  I was recording an entertainment program when one of the biggest earthquakes hit Nepal. Right then everything changed, I had to do 24/7 hard news. We have to be prepared for everything.

NYF: Where do you see the industry in the next five years?

Igor Tavares: Production quality will improve more and more and people will consume on demand.

NYF: What qualities set apart the TVF medal winners?

Igor Tavares: TVF accredits you among the greatest in the industry,  it is one of the most important awards in the world.

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