Grand Jury Perspective: Alicja Jankowiak

New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards Grand Jury is comprised of some of the world’s most award-winning Directors, Producers, Writers, Actors and other global media professionals. Each Grand Jury member has achieved prominence within the industry and garnered respect for their creative contributions.

Alicja Jankowiak with Mike Saraswat, producer and owner of Ekstasy that produced the movie "Olive Green" at the 2016 TV & Film Awards Gala


NYF’s Grand Jury Perspective offers an intimate glimpse into the thought process and creative insights of these industry superstars who serve on the Grand Jury. This week, New York Festivals TV & Film Grand Jury Perspective interviewed Grand Jury member, Alicja Jankowiak, Editor-in-Chief for SuperMemo World sp 200 Poland, a leading provider of online and mobile learning solutions in Poland, and globally. Alicja holds two MA degrees both in English and Ethnolinguistics from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland and Postgraduate in Management. She serves as Executive producer and editorial project manager for Olive Green.

Alicja and SuperMemo took home the 2016 TV & Film Awards Gold World medal  a the TV & Film Awards Gala held at NAB in Las Vegas for “Olive Green.” “Olive Green” is the first ever full feature interactive movie available online designed to teach English, combined with computer games. Not only is the feature an action flick, “Olive Green” is also a comprehensive film-based English course. The learning process takes the learner from the basics up to the proficiency level. Geared towards English self-learners aged from 16 to 35, with instruction and subtitles in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Spanish (Argentina), French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Dutch and Mandarin Chinese. The film, which has garnered global accolades, is available online at and was released on DVD-ROM in October 2014, as well as mobile apps in December 2014.


Alicja shares her creative insights below, homing in on what makes great content, sharing her mantra for career success, the tools she uses to keep her audience, and what is the next project in line to produce.

NYF TV & Film: Talk about what qualities makes great content?

Alicja Jankowiak: From the perspective of the educational market that I am part of, for content to be great it definitely has to be effective and engaging at the same time. There is a plethora of learning resources available, yet there are few that can really captivate the learner, keep them highly motivated and actually let them enjoy the learning process, at the same time making sure that learning brings the desired results. Also, great content is easily adaptable to the ever-changing technologies that people use, and to the ways that people actually like to learn at a given moment in time.

NYF TV & Film: What was your mantra for career success? Was your path to success linear or a winding road…how so?

Alicja Jankowiak: Is there even anything like a linear path to success? It must be excruciatingly boring! 🙂 Mine was a winding road, for many different reasons. If I were to name one, I would definitely say that it is sometimes very difficult to convince people around you that a project or concept that you believe in actually makes sense and can bring an amazing final result. And you can’t achieve much just on your own. Coming across the right people who support your vision, offer constructive feedback and enjoy the success as much as you do is when it all falls into place. My mantra? Trust your intuition. Plus, when you are on your path, always looking forward, towards the new, unknown, take a while from time to time to stop, and look back. It is a great feeling to see how many obstacles, hardships and moments of discouragement you already tackled!

Alicja Jankowiak with Mike Saraswat, producer and owner of Ekstasy at the podium at the 2016 NYF TV & Film Awards

NYF TV & Film: What are some of the tools you use to keep your audience?

Alicja Jankowiak: Our audience are learners, and we decided to keep them with us for a longer time with a video-based course. They enjoy following a story, watching how it develops, takes different turns, how the protagonists grow and deal with the ups and downs. As simple as that. The story makes reference to various types of people, a variety of characters and origins. Our audience can find their favourite, identify with them, see how their adventure ends. Apart from the product itself, we also convince our audience to stay with us, because we provide them with content that is adaptable to the new technologies; content that they can use in their favourite way: on their phone, tablet, laptop. We let them make choices. We provide them with the best technology that they can choose and pick from.

NYF TV & Film: What projects are on the horizon for you?

Alicja Jankowiak: More video-based language learning projects, I hope! Following our multi-awarded Olive Green English course, we are hoping to start a similar project in Spanish and German very soon. Which does not mean that the path to these will now be linear, by no means :).



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