Grand Jury Perspective: Christopher Khong

New York Festivals 2018 TV & Film Grand Jury represents 32 countries on 6 continents. Known for its powerhouse jury comprised of prominent international broadcast and film industry executives, NYF’s jurors are award-winners themselves and are passionate about excellence and innovation. Their reputation in diverse areas across all platforms provide each entry with the utmost of attention and make them qualified to select the World’s Best TV & Films.

Christopher Khong, Senior Creative Director, Media Corp Singapore

This week, NYF’s Grand Jury Perspective features 2018 TV & Film Awards Grand Jury member Christopher Khong, Senior Creative Director for Media Corp Singapore.

Christopher says he stumbled into the media industry by accident. “From covering duties for a woman on maternity leave as a typist to being a Senior Creative Director, you can say I did the right things at the right time.”


With  23 years in the media business, Christopher has served in numerous creative and leadership roles. He started a cable channel (at JETTV), produced many vignettes for the Sales department (at CNBC Asia), managed a department (On-Air promotions at MediaCorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd) and recently produced an online travel series.

Christopher has garnered  numerous international and Asian awards, winning a Gold at Promax Asia, 3 Silvers and 1 bronze at Promax International and most recently, he was also awarded the Gold World Medal at the New York Festivals 2016 Television & Film Awards.

In the interview below, Christopher shares his industry insights on what makes great content, his mantra for success, what projects are on the horizon and more.

New York Festivals: Talk about what qualities makes great content?

Christopher Khong: Relatable, a good plot, well-scripted, bold, unexpected.

New York Festivals: What was your mantra for career success?

Christopher Khong: Good attitude, constantly challenge yourself, learn from the best, take risks, stay humble, team player and have a good head on your shoulders.

New York Festivals: Was your path to success linear or a winding road…how so?

Christopher Khong: Studied to be an architect but stumbled into the industry by accident.

Started in the industry as a clerk to becoming currently, a creative director. Definitely, a winding road! It took me 28 years to get here.

New York Festivals: What projects are on the horizon for you?

Christopher Khong: I am currently working on a second season for our Travel series, TravelSSBD Deluxe.

New York Festivals: If you could select any iconic creative to collaborate with on a project who would it be and why?

Christopher Khong: Collaborating with visionaries like Christopher Nolan, Michel Gondry, Ridley Scott, Wong Kar Wai and George Lucas would be a dream as they have changed the world of cinema.


New York Festivals: How has video streaming changed your creative approach?

Christopher Khong: With video streaming, I am no longer constrained by the fixed TV content durations. Giving me the creative freedom to ensure that the content shown brings the best out of the story.

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