Grand Jury Perspective: Luis Felippe Cavalleiro

NYF’s Grand Jury Perspective offers an intimate glimpse into the thought process and creative insights of the award-winning industry superstars who serve on the TV & Film Awards Grand Jury. This week, New York Festivals TV & Film Grand Jury Perspective interviewed Grand Jury member, Luis Felippe Cavalleiro, Graphic Manager for TV Globo Brazil.

Luis Felippe Cavalleiro, Graphic Manager for TV Globo



As graphic manager for the News department of TV GLOBO in Brasília, Luis works close to the great political changes in Brazil for the last 25 years. He is also involved on the  many global projects of  TV Globo including other areas of the news department. Luis is responsible for both the graphics and for the set decoration of  the news products in Brasília, and with the integration of those two areas, as well as keeping the graphic line of the whole news department in the country. In addition, he has a role on the research and acquisition of news software and hardware.


In the interview below, Luis shares his insights on what qualities make up great content, his thoughts on freedom of the press, the importance of a social experience around programs, and the evolution of storytelling.

New York Festivals: Talk about what qualities makes great content?

Luis Felippe Cavalleiro: First of all, is thrust. On these days, anyone can write anything, but only a media company with a long history of social responsibility can survive that kind of competition.

New York Festivals: What was your mantra for career success? Was your path to success linear or a winding road…how so?

Luis Felippe Cavalleiro: It can’t be linear today. We are living in a constant changing world, and the content has to be prepared for all kinds of platforms.


New York Festivals: What are some of the tools you use to keep your audience?

Luis Felippe Cavalleiro: Constant innovation to find new ways to improve the kind of information our audience deserves. We need to make people’s life easier counting on us, to give what they need as fast as possible.

New York Festivals: Share your thoughts on freedom of the press?

Luis Felippe Cavalleiro: That’s our golden mantra. There’s no way to do our job without that. We must fight any kind of pressure over our business, over the information.

New York Festivals: How important is building a social experience around a program?

Luis Felippe Cavalleiro: It’s impossible to work around any program without building a social experience with the community. People want to take part on everything that talks about their life. We can’t be the owners of the truth anymore.

New York Festivals: What projects are on the horizon for you?

Luis Feppe Cavalleiro: Right now, we’re working a completely new way to present our local news , like as I said before, to give the community a better chance to take part on it.

New York Festivals: If you could select any iconic creative to collaborate with on a project who would it be and why?

Luis Felippe Cavalleiro: I had many creative icons during my life, but on these days, no one can inspire me more than Elon Musk, not only for his furious creativity, but principally for his commitment with the planet, trying to make people’s life better on a sustainable way. I hope my designer idols like Philip Starck and Yves Béhar could forgive me.

Elon Musk

New York Festivals: How has video streaming changed your creative approach?

Luis Felippe Cavalleiro: Once again, the fast-changing world that we live, doesn’t give you any chance to sit on a solution that was good yesterday. Video streaming is only the most visible change of consuming entertainment. We have to live with that, and use it to improve the excellence of our content.

New York Festivals: Talk about how story structure has changed with the spread of mobile?

Luis Felippe Cavalleiro: Maybe the main concern of that could be speed of the information. It’s mandatory to have a story structure specific for mobile, if you have a chance to make different structures for different platforms.

New York Festivals: How will storytelling continue to evolve to keep pace with the omni-platform environment?

Luis Felippe Cavalleiro: You have to know your public, and keep the storytelling relevant on any platforms. Things should be connected, but must be attractive on any kind of device. This is challenging, but exciting at the same time, making our changing world something never experimented before.

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