Personalized Awards

Trophies are no longer limited to four or five lines of credits! Our trophies contain a miniature video projector inserted into the base of the trophy which projects all the credits listed onto a table or wall.

Everyone involved in the ad can have their name and title listed in the credits - including the names of people on the client side, the agency account & brand managers and of course all of the credives involved as well as all the production team members. There is no limit to the number of credits for the new trophy.

Did you know? In addition to listing all individual credits, you can also create your own customizable content to be shown on the projector? Well you can! Simply send us the video or message you'd like to present and we'll upload it on the projector for you. A thank you message from the agency to the client? We can do that. A congratulatory message to the team responible for creating the winning idea? We can do that too!

Your custom message can include text, video, and audio. Simply send us the file and we'll take care of it for you. There's really no better way to acknowledge those responsible for achieving such accolades.

Search below to locate winning entries or participants. You can search by award, category, and keyword for the entry search or by name for the participant search.

If you have any questions or problems ordering your personalized trophy, please email us at

Search for your Winning Entry

Winners may purchase a personalized award after locating their winning entry.


Best of Show
Price: $795.00
14.0” Tall
Grand Award
Price: $795.00
14.0” Tall
First Prize Award
Price: $745.00
12.5” Tall
Second Prize Award
Price: $695.00
11.0” Tall
Third Prize Award
Price: $695.00
9.5” Tall
Finalist Award
Price: $595.00
8.0” Tall
Price: $220.00