2010 World's Best Radio Programs and Promotions Categories


B01 Best Newscast (Submit Compilation)
B02 Best News Documentary or Special
B03 Best Investigative Report (Longform)
B04 Best News Analysis or Commentary
B05 Best News Magazine
B06 Best Public Affairs Program
B07 Best Coverage of Breaking News Story (Longform)
B08 Best Coverage of Ongoing News Story (Longform)
B09 Best Business News


B10 Best Coverage of Breaking News Story
B11 Best Coverage of Ongoing News Story
B12 Best Investigative Reporting
B13 Best Special Report
B14 Best Sports Coverage
B15 Best Human Interest Story


B20 Business or Consumer Issues
B21 Community Service (e.g. Special Event)
B22 Culture & The Arts
B23 Educational
B24 Health/Medical
B25 History
B26 Magazine Format
B27 National or International Affairs
B28 Profiles/Community Portraits
B29 Religious Programs
B30 Social Issues/Current Events
B31 Sports Commentary or Analysis
B32 Human Relations
B33 Science & Technology
B34 Environmental Program
B35 Editorial or Viewpoint Program


B40 Best Regularly Scheduled Music Program
B41 Best Regularly Scheduled Drama Program
B42 Best Regularly Scheduled Comedy Program
B43 Best Music Special
B44 Best Drama Special
B45 Best Comedy Special
B46 Best Special Event
B47 Best Entertainment Magazine
B48 Best Children/Young Adult Program


B49 Best Regularly Scheduled Talk Programs: (ADD SUFFIX TO CATEGORY CODE AS FOLLOWS:)
   A. Interview
   B. Panel Discussion/Debate
   C. Primarily Host Driven
   D. Other
B50 Best Talk/Interview Special: (ADD SUFFIX TO CATEGORY CODE AS FOLLOWS:)
   A. Interview
   B. Panel Discussion/Debate
   C. Primarily Host Driven
   D. Other


B51 Best Radio Personality: Local Market
B52 Best Radio Personality: Network/Syndicated
B53 Best Comedy/Humor Personality: Local Market
B54 Best Comedy/Humor Personality: Network/Syndicated
B55 Best News Anchor/Reporter: Local Market
B56 Best News Anchor/Reporter: Network/Syndicated
B57 Best Talk Show Host


B60 Best Announcer Presentation
B61 Best Director
B62 Best Narration
B63 Best Sound
B64 Best Writing
B65 Best Editing


(Run-of-station or ongoing program format)
B67 Best Alternative Format
B68 Best Top 40 Format
B69 Best Rock/AOR Format
B70 Best Classical Format
B71 Best Country Format
B72 Best Jazz Format
B73 Best News Format
B74 Best Oldies/Nostalgia Format
B75 Best Talk Format
B76 Best Urban Contemporary Format


B85 Best Music/Personality Show
B86 Best Information/News Talk Show
B87 Best Two Way Telephone Talk/Interview Show
B88 Other


(Use of own air to promote on-air product or station image)
B77 News Promotion (Generic)
B78 News Promotion (Special Series)
B79 Program/Series Promotion
B80 Station Promotion
B81 Contest Promotion
B82 Station ID
B83 News ID
B84 Program ID


BO01 Best Online Radio
BO02 Best Online Music Program
BO03 Best Online Talk Program
BO04 Best Online News Program
BO05 Best Online Sports Program
BO06 Best Online Radio Personality


BZ01 Best Satellite Music Program
BZ02 Best Satellite Talk Program
BZ03 Best Satellite News Program
BZ04 Best Satellite Sports Program
BZ05 Best Satellite Radio Personality


(Only independently produced podcasts are eligible; programming originally produced for or aired on traditional radio will NOT be accepted. Must include a valid RSS 2.0 feed.)
B90 Business
B91 Education
B92 Entertainment
B93 General
B94 News
B95 Technology
B96 Comedy
B97 Health
B98 Travel and Recreation
B99 Religion
B100 The Arts


BS01 Best Radio Station
BS02 Best Radio Personality
BS03 Best Newscast
BS04 Best Music Program
BS05 Best Sportscast
BS06 Best Comedy
BS07 Best Artist Interview/Performance