2014 Radio Awards Gala

The awards gala featured award-winning guest presenters from around the globe.

Canadian Broadcasting was named Broadcaster of the Year and TBI Media (UK) was honored with the title of Production Company of the Year.

There were two Grand Trophy winners:

“The Girl Who Got Tied Down” (Swedish Radio)

“The Dambusters 70 Years On” (TBI Media/Snappin’ Turtle Productions)

Together with an e-program, this event brought a new level of prominence, interest, and recognition for all of our participants which will continue in the year ahead. The winners, their interviews, and excerpts from their programs will be viewable on our website. The 2014 GrandJury® awarded 50 Gold trophies, 57 Silver, 56 Bronze, and 97 Finalist Certificates submitted from 32 countries.