2018 Categories


These categories are for submissions which are either regularly scheduled series or specials that are journalism-based.

  • B01 Best Business News
  • B02 Best Coverage Of Breaking News Story
  • B03 Best Coverage Of Ongoing News Story
  • B04 Best Extended NEWS Coverage NEW
  • B05 Best Investigative Report
  • B06 Best Live News Special
  • B07 Best News Analysis Or Commentary
  • B08 Best News Documentary Or Special
  • B09 Best News Magazine
  • B10 Best Newscast
  • B11 Best Nonfiction Series
  • B12 Best Public Affairs Program
  • B13 Best Sports Newscast

These categories are for journalism-based submissions which are less than a full program in length.

  • B14 Best Coverage Of Breaking News Story
  • B15 Best Coverage Of Ongoing News Story
  • B16 Best Drama Feature NEW
  • B17 Best Human Interest Story
  • B18 Best Investigative Reporting
  • B19 Best Legal Reporting
  • B20 Best Music Feature NEW
  • B21 Best NEWS Feature NEW
  • B22 Best Special Report
  • B23 Best Sports Coverage
  • B24 Best Sports Feature NEW
  • B25 Heroes

These categories are for submissions which explore a specific topic or point of view in-depth or that deal with issues of interest and importance, and may be either individual programs or series.

  • B26 Biography/Profiles
  • B27 Business Or Consumer Issues
  • B28 Climate Change & Sustainability
  • B29 Community Service
  • B30 Culture & The Arts
  • B31 Current Affairs
  • B32 Editorial Or Viewpoint Program
  • B33 Educational
  • B34 Environment & Ecology
  • B35 Health/Medical
  • B36 Heroes
  • B37 History
  • B38 Human Relations
  • B39 Magazine Format
  • B40 Music
  • B41 National Or International Affairs
  • B42 Profiles/Community Portraits
  • B43 Religious Programs
  • B44 Science & Technology
  • B45 Social Issues
  • B46 Sports & Recreation
  • B47 Travel & Tourism

These categories are for submissions that are specials or series airing weekly or on some regular basis, and may be distributed live or recorded. Variety programs may be entered in Music Program or Special. On Air Station Contests, Awards, Parades, Telethons, Opening/Closing ceremonies, News or Political ceremonies may be entered in Special Event. Sports programs may be entered in Sports Program or Special.

  • B48 Best Children/Young Adult Program
  • B49 Best Comedy Special
  • B50 Best Drama Special
  • B51 Best Entertainment Magazine
  • B52 Best Mini Series NEW
  • B53 Best Music Special
  • B54 Best Regularly Scheduled Comedy Program
  • B55 Best Regularly Scheduled Drama Program
  • B56 Best Regularly Scheduled Music Program
  • B57 Best Regularly Scheduled Sports Program
  • B58 Best Special Event
  • B59 Best Sports Special
  • B60 Sound Art

These categories are for submissions which are either specials or regularly scheduled programming and include interviews;panel discussion/debate; and host driven formats.

  • B61 Best Regularly Scheduled Talk Program
  • B62 Best Talk/Interview Special

These categories are for submissions from personalities either from local markets or are network/syndicated.

  • B63 Best Comedy/Humor Personality: Local Market
  • B64 Best Comedy/Humor Personality: Network/Syndicated
  • B65 Best Journalist
  • B66 Best Music Program Host
  • B67 Best News Anchor/Reporter: Local Market
  • B68 Best News Anchor/Reporter: Network/Syndicated
  • B69 Best Radio Personality: Local Market
  • B70 Best Radio Personality: Network/Syndicated
  • B71 Best Sports Anchor/Reporter: Local Market
  • B72 Best Sports Anchor/Reporter: Network/Syndicated
  • B73 Best Talk Show Host

These categories are for submissions that showcase a particular technique which contributes to the sound or performance of the over all production elements of the program. Best Innovation (editorial, mechanical, or digital) enhances the listener's experience and understanding of a program by advancing or adding impact to the storytelling. A support segment may be added to the MP3 entry file.

  • B74 Best Announcer Presentation
  • B75 Best Director
  • B76 Best Editing
  • B77 Best Innovation
  • B78 Best Interview
  • B79 Best Live Sound
  • B80 Best Narration
  • B81 Orginal Music NEW
  • B82 Best Performance by an Actor
  • B83 Best Performance by an Actress
  • B84 Best Sound
  • B85 Best Writing

These categories are for submissions which are run-of-station or an ongoing program format.

  • B86 Best Alternative Format
  • B87 Best Classical Format
  • B88 Best Country Format
  • B89 Best Jazz Format
  • B90 Best News Format
  • B91 Best Oldies/Nostalgia Format
  • B92 Best Rock/AOR Format
  • B93 Best Sports Format
  • B94 Best Talk Format
  • B95 Best Top 40 Format
  • B96 Best Urban Contemporary Format

These categories are for submissions designed for the first block of programming of the day.

  • B97 Best Information/News Talk Show
  • B98 Best Innovative Show
  • B99 Best Music/Personality Show
  • B100 Best Two Way Telephone Talk/Interview Show

These categories are for submissions which promote the image/brand of a station, network, program,or on-air talent. These categories include generic, episodic, and special tune-in announcements; Program Opens; IDs; and Public Service Announcements.

  • B101 Contest Promotion
  • B102 Entertainment Program Promotion
  • B103 Green Promotion
  • B104 News ID
  • B105 News Promotion (Generic)
  • B106 News Promotion (Special Series)
  • B107 Program ID
  • B108 Program Open
  • B109 Public Service Announcement Promotion
  • B110 Sports Promotion
  • B111 Station ID
  • B112 Station Promotion
Digital NEW

These categories include all forms of news (including current affairs), entertainment, drama, comedy, sports, relegious and music programming. Entries may be short form or long form, recorded or live.

  • B113 Best Digital Comedy Program
  • B114 Best Digital DocumentaryNEW
  • B115 Best Digital Drama Program
  • B116 Best Digital Music Program
  • B117 Best Digital News Program
  • B118 Best Digital Radio
  • B119 Best Digital Radio Personality
  • B120 Best Digital Religious Program
  • B121 Best Digital Special Event NEW
  • B122 Best Digital Sports Program
  • B123 Best Digital Talk Program

These categories are for submissions which are recordings of a text being read in the format of digital files. Entries may be unabridged or abridged and must be MP3 files.

  • B124 Best Audio Book - Fiction
  • B125 Best Audio Book - Nonfiction
  • B126 Best Narration - Solo
  • B127 Best Narration - Ensemble

These categories are for submissions which are direct to digital. Submissions may include a valid url/link.

  • B128 Business
  • B129 Comedy
  • B130 Culture & The Arts
  • B131 Drama
  • B132 Education
  • B133 Entertainment
  • B134 Health
  • B135 Music
  • B136 News & Documentary
  • B137 Personal Lives
  • B138 Religion
  • B139 Sports & Recreation
  • B140 Technology
  • B141 Travel & Tourism

These categories are for submissions created by students. Entries may be short form or long form.

  • B142 Best Student Artist Interview/Performance
  • B143 Best Student Comedy
  • B144 Best Student Documentary
  • B145 Best Student Drama Program
  • B146 Best Student Journalist
  • B147 Best Student Music Program
  • B148 Best Student Newscast
  • B149 Best Student Radio Personality
  • B150 Best Student Radio Station
  • B151 Best Student Sportscast

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